Tuesday, March 31, 2009


O.K. , So we hate to say it, but we gotta admit... sometimes life gets hectic and you gotta make a pit stop! You know the days when you have about a million and one things to do and you are running late to all of them? Then all of a sudden around 2pm you realize you haven't had a bite to eat all day and you may pass out... But you just can't face pulling over at McGrosso's for a Big Mc Grossy. 
Well, we are here to save the day and let you know some secret ways to indulge. Yes, even the girls over here at Things We Heart have been known to pull into a drive through now and then. But no worries, all you vegitetarians and veg-aquarians, this will be a meat-less post because you know we have read us some Skinny Bitch and we are right there with you! *Except for the cheese part, we are not that bad-ass! 
Now we are not saying this will keep you thin, this menu is for emergency only! (Yes, being really drunk at 2 am counts as an emergency!) 

Have you heard the rumors about the secret menu at In & Out? Well guess what? They are all true!  You can go to In & Out and get a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with all the fixings, lettuce, tomato, even animal style grilled onion. This is so delicious you just might have to go back for another.... Oh no wait don't.... Oh, well! 

Another great place to stop is Wendy's. How about a baked potato? Perhaps if you are like Miss Me, a humanitarian of the fish eating variety, you could have a Premium Fish Filet Sandwich. MMMM

In either case you get a yummy little meal on the move. 

So where?.... You may ask, are the salads? Well, the answer to that question is El Pollo Loco. 
Yup, crazy as it may sound... "The Crazy Chicken" actually is one of the few fast food places where, when you ask for no chicken on your salad, you don't just get a bowl of iceburg lettuce. 
This place has some really yummy salads, including-
The Loco Salad and the Chicken Ceaser- minus the chicken! 
They have a crazy delicious cilantro salad dressing as well! 
Not to mention the B.R.C, a yummy filling burrito that can really hold you over for hours and hours on errand running pleasure. 

Just remember, please don't run yourself ragged on coffee fumes and chewing gum.  Take a break and stop for a minute to grab a bite. Even if you pull into 7-11 (Do they still have those?) and grab a bag of almonds and a string cheese, or a yogurt. Both way more thinning options then the ones listed above! :) 

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