Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heathers and The queen B.

So, I remember watching Heathers when I was about 12 years old and just being blown away... The story, the way they talked, Christian Slater with a bomb! (Oh Christian where did you go wrong?)  My girlfriends and I must have watched that thing so many times the VHS tape wore thin. 
I remember being really annoying and saying things like... "We need to motor if we are gonna make this funeral." "What's your damage Heather?" and a handful of other glorious quotes. 
But the main thing about Heathers that sticks in my head was the fashion! The way every Heather had a color and the color represented the position they held in the clique. 
Red Heather;the leader... Yellow Heather;the chicken (Bulimia is so'87!) , Green Heather;the jealous one. Veronica was blue... The color of protection from witches and bitches. 

Ok so, the point of all this is to bring us to today... A long long way from my junior high days and I am watching my beloved Gossip girl when I realize... Holy S*#@T! It's the Heathers! 

Of course we have Blair the Queen B and NOBODY can rock a pair of red tights like Ms. Waldorf... NOBODY.

Blair is followed by her click of copy-cats each hungry for her top spot. So you see... I guess I am not the only one who was forever influenced by a little box office bomb that turned into a cult smash. Looks like Gossip Girl stylist supreme Eric Daman was a Heather too. 

XOXO- Thingsweheart

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