Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yummies: We heart Easter Candy!!! (part 1..there is so much we needed more than 1 post)

Whoa!  It's almost Easter!?!?  Wait?!?! What??   

Not to worry...we can take that stress away in 3 easy steps.  Ready?  

1. Read this Easter Candy blog (and of course all the other AMAZINGLY CUTE posts)
2. Buy your favorite Easter Candy 
3. Rip open and devour! (well, savour so we don't have to write any diet posts...ok forget it... devour... you only live once!!!)

Oh gosh...I am already salivating even before I write the first one!  

If Willy Wonka was real, (shit, I ruined it!   He is real people, he is.  I promise...so is Santa Claus and Fairies)
Our first favorite would be his favorite too.  

Cadbury Creme Eggs...enough said.   Amazing English chocolate eggs filled with the most yummiest, ooziest goo life has to offer.  I should probably eat one right now just to be sure they are still as good as they were yesterday.....YUP still good.  Phew!   Wait I should have another just to make sure.  MMMMMM

If you don't like them,  1. You are crazy!    2. You will feel better if you go here.

Next up is the oh so nostalgic, everlasting Hollow Chocolate Bunny.

So cute it's almost a crime to eat, but we will manage ;) 
Here is a tip handed down from our family to yours.  
Bite off the ears and use it as a cup for milk!  So cute, right?

Now you all may be asking..."but where are the Peeps?"

"They are the most Easter-iest candy ever!"  Yes, Peeps are cute and sugary crunchy but they are made with this!!!
Please go here for more info on eating cattle bones and intestines.  

OOPS!  Sorry!!.. our bad.  T.M.I. (Too Much Information)

Choo choo!..the Easter Candy train is back on track....
Our last stop on the Easter Candy post #1 is Speckled Robins Eggs.    
The cute colors and speckles make our hearts flutter and the chocolate coated malted egg center is so light and crunchy we can just eat and eat.  Its like your eating a vintage, crunchy malted shake!

stay tuned for more yummy goodness...

xoxo t-w-h

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