Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color Crave: Holly Golightly

O.K. busted!  We lied, truth is, we were working on our color crave post, but when we stumbled upon this photo of Holly Golightly's sofa/bathtub/most amazing thing we have ever seen....  We were stopped in our tracks!  Our little brains started spinning topsy-turvy out of control, and we ended up NEEDING to to our Saturday post on Ms. Holly Golightly from the infamous Breakfast at Tiffany's

Now, we heart Holly not only because she is so fabulous in the perfect little black dress and tiara, eating a pastry and drinking a latte, staring longingly into the Tiffany's window. We all know that image is as imprinted in our heads as Marilyn in the white halter dress. It is so iconic in fact, that we don't even need to post it, you can see it in your head right now can't you? We knew it!  You our dear readers are amazing! (Just try not to picture this no bueno moment :(.)  

The Holly we are here to talk about to you today is the adorable, kooky, Holly.  The one that makes you say, "Holy crap! Why can't I look that stunning with a hangover?"

Seriously? Tasseled earplugs? Well played Ms. Golightly, well played indeed. 

We heart kittens named Cat. 

We think we just found a fabulous idea for a halloween costume for you and your honey. 

We were really inspired by these photos of Holly Golightly and we hope that you were too. Who knows what wonderful paths these images may take you down. You may decide you need to run out and buy a turquoise eye mask, maybe you will start rocking the sexy 1960s up-do, perhaps you will hack a bathtub in half and use it as your couch! 
That is really what things-we-heart is all about, trying to share with you the things that get us excited and where you take them is up to you. As for how Holly Golightly inspired me today? Well, lets just say those are some pretty fabulous highlights she has there ;). 

Now, go kiss your honey in the rain. 

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