Tuesday, March 10, 2009

let's make tuesdays sweets day...shall we?

we figure that everyone gets a case of the mondays so we need a little something sweet to cheer us up on tuesday.  
maybe it will help us for the rest of the week.  (then we have enough time to work it off by the weekend..see how that works:)  )

introducing bittersweet la.  a new place to get our favorite treats.  and they deliver!!!  (that may or may not be a good thing)

so far everything we have tried has been rediculously good.  way better than moms but made with the same amount of love.  (see mom...i know how much you love me)

call them...  try the brownies with peanut butter chips and the dream clouds.  they will take you away to never never land.

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Return Of Saturn said...

Rats! Forever, I've had the idea of starting a delivery service catering solely to yummy treats. Like Pink Dot, or Dominoes, but more sweet and delicious. How priceless it would be to have a lifeline like that?

So far, I heart this blog!