Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Hearts: We Heart Geeks!

Revenge Of The Nerds

You all know the type, the shy guy in the back of the room, he either has his nose buried in a book, or he is doodling the "Battle of Yavin" on his notebook cover. The geek, the nerd, the guy who all the popular girls aren't supposed to think is cute, but all the really cool girls secretly do. 
Yes,dear readers today we are giving it up to all the geeks out there.... We love you! We love that you are really smart, but really funny, we love that you are confident enough to stick to your guns in the style department and wait for that look to come back in style.... Oh, guess what it just did! We love that all the guys who beat you up in high school are super jealous of you, now that your in the real world and your brains and originality have given you the pay-off. We salute you and today we celebrate some of the finest stories of geeks gone glorious!.  

First and foremost is the originator of nerd chic, this adorable four-eyed fella made it "Hip to be square", and he sounded good doing it. Mr. Buddy Holly, the musical legend who brought us  

classic songs like Peggy-Sue and That'll be the day. He inspired bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. Plus, Spike Jones directed a kick-ass video to Weezer's song named after Buddy Holly. So yeah Buddy Holly was pretty much running things, not bad for a little fella from Texas. 

Next up, we have the guy who is possibly the pin-up poster boy for the geek community. Because seriously, is there a better example of brains and good looks colliding in perfect harmony on a tropical island?(*Disclaimer: Unless you count Dr. Jack Shepard from Lost, and,Jack is in no way a geek,so he will sit this one out.)Yes,thats right y'all, we are talking about The Professor... not just any old professor, nope we mean THE Professor! 

The Professor

This guy was so sexy and brainy that he had two of televisions most legendary babes after him. Well, not that the guy had much in the way of competition on that little island. 

Now lets take it back to the old school shall we? How about a little Matthew Brodrick in War Games? Super early eighties computer hacking cuteness!

Come on, this guy was able to get into a top secret military computer and Ally Sheedy's pants all in under 2 hours? GENIUS! 

This next one kind of gets us all a flutter. We heart this more then we can say. This is truly,truly,truly one if not the best show about high school ever made for television. 

Freaks and Geeks 

Seriously,if you missed this the first time around,we beg you to go buy the DVD series set. Sadly this amazing show only lasted 18 episodes before it got sent to the big programing wheel in the sky. But, to those who have seen it, to those who have loved it.... Can you possibly think of a more adorable, loveable, so stinken'cute you could just hug him guy, then the shows lead geek, little Sam Weir?

Sam Weir

Although we never got to see the end of Sam's story, in our imaginations he grew up to be a stunningly wealthy and successful Sci-Fi author who is married to a really sweet and beautiful super model. Take that Cindy Saunders. 
Watch the first 30-40 seconds of this if you want to see what we are talking about.  
So, wonderful, wacky and weird kids(and yes,we still count as kids too)out there, be proud of who you are and one day, hopefully, all that thinking and creating and individual awesomeness will come in handy. 

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