Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Bueno: We don't heart lobster and leather (skin)

Use that sunscreen ladies and gents!  

SPF should stand for Saving People From (wrinkles and cancer).

Instead of getting burnt, melanoma, age spots and wrinkles, take a look back at the T.W.H. ways to get that golden glow.  

xoxo t.w.h.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bueno, Anne "Can she get any prettier" Hathaway

Today we are hearting Anne Hathaway, because she is beautiful, talented and above all else, a class act. 

This is such a great picture of her, the eyes, the hair, the pale skin. 
Yup, super BUENO. 
Good for her. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Friday: We j'adore hardcore jewelry!

Well, well, well Miss Hardcore Jewelry... where have you been? 
Hiding in stores like Hot Topic (just kidding...wrong kind of hardcore..we aren't talking spikes on pleather...well we kinda are...huh, wow!) ?  Or being sooo out of reach for us mere mortals that we just have to hope and pray you will come to us...(instead of us slobbering in the windows of Needless Markup and Sux Fifth Ave)

We are sooo uber happy that hardcore jewelry is's so back that when we put links to our fav pieces, you won't poop in your panties from the sticker shock. 

Not only has it trickled its way to us but all of the pieces are sooo cool,  sooo unique that you can probably wear them forever!

Hardcore jewelry is a walking contradiction, just like us t.w.h. gals... 
ummm, yeah...that's not us... almost ;)

It's a perfect mixture of girly pretty and stinky boy toughness,  it's mean yet at the same time friendly to the eye,  it looks equally chic with a white tee-shirt than it does with a l.b.d. (little black dress), and it's totally au courant but will out live trends.  

Each piece is like a fingerprint!  Some of our favorites are super hot and amazing yet we may not be able to pull them they are not quite us.. but then there are others that are also just as amazing and hard and we could totally wear them and they look like they belong to us. (wow super long sentence... I may need to go back to English class)
that's erin wasson..she is the epitome of clash of the fashion in a perfect way

Let each piece find you and vice versa.  And with soooo many lines out there we did a wee bit if cherry picking for you recessionistas out there... hope you don't mind ;)  If you do mind we will be more than happy to show you some other lines that will be oh, so excited to take your moolah.

So enjoy the fruits o' the hardcore mavens.

Yummy yummy yuuummmm!  
Thank you Subversive for this amazing piece of art.  So delicate yet soo chunky. 

How rad would this look over a Alexander Wang tee or and amazing strapless dress? UUGGGHH we totally need this!  

Here's the soft version of Subversive's piece from Forever 21.  More dainty yet still wrong in the coolest kind of way. 

And how about these super rad chunky drop chain earrings from Urban Outfitters (we bow down to our temple of inexpensive pieces of art, fun and fashion).  

2 side braids, a slouchy tank, skinny jeans and you are RTG!  

Speaking of one of our fave stores, we found this necklace that is so sweet, so hard, so cute, so wrong that we stare at it every time we are there but never found the cajones to wear.  Why?

It's the perfect combo of hard and soft!  
And we all know how uber we heart pyramid studs!

Wanna feel a lil' Mr T vibe while still being cute and en vogue?  Try this hot ass necklace from F21.
Triple chain over a vintage tee and a blazer?  Hello cute girl... we hope you have a hot date... if not you will get one with that getup.

OOOHHHH Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!  This piece will forever remind us of you!  We heart you and this rad vampire charm.  YUMMM (hee hee oooppssieee...inappropriate!)

OK, the next 2 designers deserve their own post and are the reason for this one.  Thank you Bliss Lau and Leviticus Jewelry!  Thank you.

We lurve lurve lurve this chest necklace from Bliss Lau!  
So amazing!!  There are no words!  WOW!

And if that wasn't enough they give us the 1, 2 punch with this unbelievable piece of body jewelry.  These gorge sleeves are TDF!

Now if those 2 pieces are a wee bit too mucho but you still love the idea of body jewelry (ala Alexander Wang show) try these 2 harnesses. 
They would look amazing over a wife beater tank and under a tight leather jacket with denim cut offs and boots.  (oops our dream outfit...sorry to push on you!)

Here is Leviticus 5 strand halter necklace.  
So Cleopatra circa 2009!

Or the Blisslau more simple version.

Well that's all we got!  Hope you hardcore girly girls can find a piece to suit you and your mean, nice, cute, weird, fun, serious, boy, girl, clean, dirty self!

xoxo t.w.h.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Decor to die for: Preppy Chic!

Lilly Pulitzer, The Beverly Hills Hotel, kelly green and flamingo pink, painted white wicker chairs, sandy toes and Arnold Palmers, the A**hole bad guys in The Outsiders (not you Cherry Valence, you my dear are pure preppy gold), these are things that come to mind when I think of fantastic preppy chic. 
Yes, it is true they are all amazingly too square to be hip, but iconic and lovable at the same time. 

(Cherry & Ponyboy: I feel a random heart coming on!)

The amazing Lily Pulitzer then and now, she is the ideal laid back beach-preppy queen. 

Lets take some inspiration from her use of bright colors and outrageous prints and dress our nests with a preppy flair! 

Why not start with this statement maker, a Lily Pulitzer piano! Wow! I don't really have much more to say about this one. 

For a subtler take on true preppy chic, I turn once again to my Decor guru, Ruthie Sommers. She nails this style right on the head. With class and flair and a touch of whimsy... God,  I have a girl crush! But seriously? Raspberry walls, white chairs with lime green cushions? I wish I could crawl inside her brain and watch it work! 

And a softer version still, the color pallet is perfect! I could curl up in this soft seashell colored room and snooze the day away. 
Oh, Ruthie you are good! 

So what we can't all be Ruthie Sommers, Kelly Wearstler or Jonathan Adler... Who can? We can still be the best us we can be, and take all the beauty they create and put it together in our own little way. 

This is where we call in what the Things-We-Heart gals like to think of as our little secret.... This dear readers, is when we turn to Pottery Barn Teen!! Oh yes, that is right my little decor lovers. The teens have it, at least Pottery Barn Teen has it, and by it we mean super cute furniture, lighting, rugs and bedding! 

Take this adorable little doggie lamp, super chic and grown up. Could add just the right amount of "smile" to your desk. Or go for two of these and use them at your bedside. 

Let me think, is there a way to have all three colors of these amazing nesting tables in one room? Because the colors are so amazing and perfectly preppy. Hmmm I am thinking buy the green and the pink and pull a swap, so the green nests inside the pink and vice versa, perfect for bedside tables. (On which you can set your new doggie lamps!) 

So sweet, so simple, this flower chandelier is just what I would put in a little girls nursery, or in a cute and girly bathroom. Looks like one you would find at a flea market, but on the plus side, this ones wiring may actually work. 

See, we were being truthful, Pottery Barn teen is amazing. Don't take our word for it, check it out your self. 

If you want to take baby steps, and we get that, because jumping into a style is not easy. I think you should try these super adorable note pads from Kate Spade (Another Preppy Princess) 
If these cuties don't get your heart singing the preppy praises, then you just need to spend an evening with the Prom King and Queen of Prep.... Thats right, our hearts are all aflame, ladies and gentlemen... 

We give you.... 

Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass. 

And on that note, we say goodbye. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random hearts: We super heart Tracy Feith! (no its not fashion friday but after you read this you will super heart the randomness of wednesdays)

From our first trip into, the now closed, Tracy Feith store in NYC with Miss Me and picking out my dream wedding dress..(if my wedding... that i never wanted... was in a tropical land) an empire waist, strapless, sari fabric gown, with pockets... what???  OH YES my fashion lurvers...YES!

It was fantasmic.  Never have I seen a dress that actually made me want to get married..never..well except for this seasons YSL silk goddess  version.. which um anyone??? Hello??? I need that dress.  Here is a pic of it.. add it to my bday list  (if you didn't get me a gift) or Xmas (maybe it will be on sale by then)

So, I instantly fell in utter heart land with Mr. Feith
Although his appearance and design sense make you think he was born on the golden beaches of the 'Bu (Malibu, CA), he actually was born and raised in Texas.  He didn't actually get his own sense of fashion and style until he moved to Huntington Beach and became a surfer.  
How hot is he!!!

According to him, the beach scene, style and music is what moulded him into the designer he is today.  The beach 'll do that to ya.

With a small series of lucky meetings and events he slowly crept into the hearts of Manhattan-ites... which I'm sure all of you I.T.K. are super aware that that is basically muy impossible to do. That's how cool and unique his designs are.  

He is the epitome of Bohemian Luxury...that just sounds hot!

I wish we could get our lil peanut butter filled fingers on some more photos of his private lines, but they seem to be as mysterious as he is.  

So we give you his design collab. with the one and only Target!!!  Yay!  

thanks chic intution for this pic

Now we can all get a piece of this hot piece..hee heee.  

It was released on May 17 (sorry we have been on the road for a while and we are super tardy on this post!!!) but to make it up to you, you can get it online!!!!  Good thing because the stores are E-M-P-T-Y!

So sit back, pull out your debit card (credit cards are soooo last year) and pick out some favs... 
FYI the line runs a size smaller we think.

Miss Me now owns and looks ridiculously hot in these bloomers.

Miss Me also wore this floral bubble dress with exposed zipper (left)  and we have never been more jealous (in a good way)...well until she wore jean shorts later and gave t.w.h. a huuge leg complex  (she's hot)

And hello???  Where is this 2 tone patterned dress???
I have scoured every store I pass and online everyday and nada!

Of course a surfer does a great bikini!  We saw 3 styles and they are all super super cute and girly in a boho kinda way.

Sign up now to join our W-H-T.F. Fan club!  (just kidding...but we really should start one!)

P.S. My order should be here any day so I will try to let you know how it goes ;)

xoxo t.w.h.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yummy in my tummy... Peanut butter & Jelly!!!

How can you not love the classic childhood favorite? Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are as important in our memories of growing up as the Care Bears and Garbage Pail Kids! 

Even as grown ups we love em'! They are a super yummy indulgent treat. Nothing cures a hang-over better then a nice big glass of cold milk and a P.B & J, we know this from years of highly scientific testing. 

But these days we look for a little bit more from our favorite sandwich. 

These days, we want yummy whole wheat bread and organic peanut butter. 
Hold the phone! I know what you are thinking, organic peanut butter is the greasy grease bomb pits! And truly it has been for a long time. I get super yucked out when I open healthy peanut butter and it has like 2 inches of oil at the top of the jar. Yuck! 

But have no fear, as a young(ish) mother Miss Me has done her research, because really, choosey moms can't choose Jiff these days. (But it is soooooo good!) 

We bring you Revolution Foods ORGANIC peanut butter, in crunchy or creamy! 
This is amazingly good, creamy and not oily. Tastes like it is not good for you, and that is a plus in our books! You can find it at your local Whole Foods. 
Guess what else?? They make Jelly!! The yummy kind with out all the big chunks of fruit. That means it is approved by even the most finicky of eaters. (My son)
Organic and sweet.  

Smart Balance also makes a really great natural peanut butter. This one is also super yummy and creamy and missing the dreaded oil on top! 
I have gotten this one at Ralphs, so it may easier to get in your area if you don't have a Whole Foods. 

Peanut butter is also really, really, yummy these ways:

*In a sandwich with HONEY
*In a sandwich with BANANAS
*On a spoon! 
*In a sandwich with MARSHMALLOW FLUFF! (*Super Not Healthy!)

But the best of the best is when peanut butter meets jelly, it is a match made in food heaven! 

How cute are these little friendship necklaces for you and your B.F.F? 

Pretty dang cute! You can get yours here

Miss Me ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the whole time she was pregnant with her first baby and now that is all he will eat! It must be hereditary :)

Hmmmm, this is sounding so good, I may have to go get one right now. (No! I am not pregnant again, thank you very much, just hungry!) 


XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Monday, May 25, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart sun(less) tan(ner)s!!!

Summertime is upon us... one of the most glorious times of the year. The birds are singing, the beaches are bumping (wow that word takes us back), the dance parties are a-plenty and the bodies are golden.

Nothing can make you feel as sexy and slim (yay) then the way a golden suntan can. Its like an insta diet and workout session...(buh bye cellulite! see you in a few months...a-hole... ooopss we digress), but there is nothing that damages your skin and causes skin cancer like the Suns UVA and UVB rays...BOOOOO

Did you know 90% of wrinkles come from the UV sun rays!!!!! (oh no!!!!! we are in trouble!...) No one needs this post more than the t.wh. gals.. We were born and are certified beach bunnies.

So sunscreen... come to our rescue!!! and self tanners.... save us! (beach bunnies are a bit lost in the summer with out our trademark bronzed skin)

They say the golden suntan look began in the 1920s when the goddess that is Coco Chanel (ahhh the queen of chic) came back from the Mediterranean with a golden glow and everyone was envious of her "healthy" look.

But by the late '80s doctors and dermatologists found out that that "golden glow" was one of the most deadly (sorry... it's scary but true) colors out there.

So now we say goodbye to the wonderful days of basking in the rays of the sun (but they can never take us away from going to the beach and swimming in the waves) and seek out other ways to comfort our bright white skin (and my t.w.h. cellulite patch)

It's super confusing on which S.T. (Sunless Tanner) to get with soooo many on the market . I mean who has the time and, um hello?... the moolah to try them all.. so we did it for you.

We rounded up our favs (tried and tested) and most wallet friendly're welcome ;

First up we introduce to you a fan favorite. St Tropez Self Tanner.  It has been around for quite a while but never gets the attention it so rightly deserves (they don't spend TONs on advertising and use word of mouth instead...kinda like us!)

St. Tropez Mousse Self Tanner.

This one is the winner for soo many reasons.

1. The tan it gives you is truly golden brown. No Oompa Loompas here.
2. Its super easy to apply and dries fast

3. Our bf won't give us cuddles when we apply other S.T. but when we used this, he didn't even know! Woo Hoo

It is a bit tricky to find but well worth the hunt.

Next up on the sunless tanner train is Sally Hansen Airbrush Self Tanner.
We super heart this one. The price makes our wallet sing, the easy and fast application is divine and the glow it gives are legs is worthy of a mini skirt! It has a slight odor, but is not nearly as bad as the others.

It helps to apply it before bed..let it dry for 5 min and you are RTG or RTTS (ready to tan and sleep.)

This is the only one we haven't tried, but after reading the reviews we ordered it. Not only are the reviews amazing...this product is organic. Wait... let us say it again...ORGANIC self tanner! Thank you Lavera Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion!
Thank you for your organic ways and leading the pack in great, inexpensive and organic products.

After waltzing in the our local Victoria's Secret (and closing our eyes so we don't stare directly at the ridiculously hot Supermodels) we walked past the Bare Bronze section and stumbled upon this little beauty.

Well if it's good enough for a supermodel then we'll take it.

Hmmm...good but not great. We heart it for the price and product but it didn't leave us, A. looking like Gisele and B. we don't really remember it. So, it does the trick but didn't leave a huuuuge impression.

We also just ordered LiLo's (lindsey lohan to people out side of LALA) newest product.
Sevin Nyne sunless tanner. She created it with an uber famous tanning specialist (yup, we guess those exist) and supposedly while it is a bit messy, its fantastic and smells great. We shall see. And we just hope it is better than her leggin line ;)

Before you spray on your glow, here are some tips on how to prepare your porcelain skin.

Now, if you have turned to a self tanner not on our list of fab fav,s and you ended up looking like this...

Here are some tips on how to remove it.

This St. Tropez remover is great if sliced lemons aren't cutting it.

N.K.Y.? We are soooo uber excited to use the tanning machine you bought! Now if only we can find a place around from all of the boys (sorry boys for our eyes only) to use it! Lets paint on cleavage and 6 pack abs... well you NKY already have those.

Now go be glam, be bold, be bronze!!! (with out the sun and melanoma!)

xoxo t.w.h.