Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yummies: So hearting...Tea for Two (or more)

There is nothing shmancier then going to a High Tea service.
There's something so regal and proper about having tea in the afternoon.  Wearing a straight skirt and silk shirt, a wonderfully pressed napkin at your thigh, sitting upright and laughing without making a sound and a perfectly polished pinkie high in the air as the tea cup is pressed to your glossy lips. 

But, then again there is also something a bit too prim and proper about High Tea in a cozy English tea house for us here at T.W.H
As you have probably figured out by now we are walking contradictions... part girl, with chunk of boy added in, and equal bits and pieces of frill and dirt... So for us, we need our High Tea to be a bit more like us,  a total clash of sweet and salty (so to speak).  
We want to wear our jeans and gladiators or neon makeup and converse...we want to laugh out loud with out worrying if tea is going to shoot out of our noses (well... we do!).  
So we did a bit of investigating T.W.H. style in LA (sorry guys outside of LALA land... our blog budget only covers tea service with in a few miles)
We came across not 1, but 2 absolute dream tea houses or High Tea cafes.  So chic, so cool soooo NOT LA (maybe that's why we heart them sooo uber much)
We are a bit giddy from overwhelming cuteness and excitement from these gorge tea spots...so excuse us if this goes on a little and we seem like little girls in a Barbie factory. 

OK, HERE THEY ARE... sorry...told you we are brimming with excitement.

Our fav, hearty-est place ever...ever, Royal-T.

Its part tea house, part Japanese French Maid (huh?  yup...the cutest Japanese girls wearing French Maid costumes), art space of the most spectacular new wave modern Japanese art, and gift shop.

The concept is based on Japanese Meido Kissa, "a cafe where the service staff dress as elegant maids. The purpose of the maid cafes and their service is to make customers feel as though they are at home and to encourage them to relax."

Its bright and airy, modern and crazy chic and the food is amazing... we were so drunk off of the cute concept and great tea we almost spent our savings on the amazing modern sculptures.  (and we don't mean MOCA modern... more of MOMA modern...super rad...suuuper Japanese-y almost skate culture...)

Now if you could get arrested for excitement just from walking into a space like The Patisserie at The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel (the long name is worth it), we would be doing 20 years in the big house.  

Pale pink subway tiles married against white Cararra marble, with miles of apothecary jars filled with candy and pastries, and gorgeous cake platters overflowing with fantastical pastries... our dream of all dreams come true. We could live here...forever!

Now this is more proper than Royal-T, but just as rad and chic.  High Tea is served from 3-5pm for $25 pp. and much like the place itself, the food and petite fours served are anything but "normal".  No tea sandwiches or mini perfectly fondanted cakes here... instead you can have dill creme fraiche and salmon roe cones or beet and goat cheese macaroons followed by chocolate pop rocks (AMAZING) and perfect cookies.  

UUGGHH we are taking the day or week off and just going to go to both of these everyday!

Wanna be even cuter and more recessionista?  Do your own High Tea your way.  
Grab a rad teapot
and tea cups...
some amazing tea,
(save the tin for later storage on a vanity or in a glass cupboard)
make some tea sandwiches and cookies and you are R.T.G.!

Invite your shmanciest and most fun gals over and you will be speaking in an English accent in no time!

If you are a bit more traditional or just want to go the proper route...we found a whole bunch of amazing tea houses here... 


xoxo t.w.h.

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