Friday, May 15, 2009

Fashion Flash Friday: We heart Reptile Prints!!

Sitting here in the hot-ass desert that is the fabulous, Las Vegas (it is a desert, right?)  thinking to ourselves... (well actually drinking Lava Flows and chatting away)...

Miss Me:  "Wow it's so hot let's shed our clothes!"  (no sickos.... not nekkid but to our cutie bean bikinis and with a bit o' spf 30)
Miss T.W.H.: "Yes. please. miss me. asap!...let's shed 'um like a snake"
Miss Me: "Hmmmm, you may be onto something..."
At the same time: "Yummm!!  Snakeskin!!!"  (the fabric kind..not the real kind)

There is just something so super rad about snake and reptile print clothing, (if done right of course!)  and we don't mean when it is on spandex or leather... we just mean amazing pieces in done in a fun print.

Now, we all know how leopard print can either be uber fashionista or uber hookerista and the line is very distinct... well it's the same with snake or reptile prints.  
One wrong turn and you are headed to a cheesy discotheque,
(this is the wrong way to do reptile)

But go down the right path and you are chic, chic, chic.  Not to mention a step ahead of the fashion crowd.  

Our love started somewhere in the '90s when we were mere kids dreaming of fashion and creating looks from salvation army finds...but we were re-awoken (word?  if not, it is now) when we saw these ridiculously amazing dresses on a certain runway show in 2005.  Snakeskin!
Done in the most beautiful designs, and fabrics.  So slinky yet sooo wearable and tres chic!  Yes Please!   

Ever since then, we have been waiting patiently for the right moment in fashion to bust a move on snake prints and is time!
Here are a few of our favs at the moment.... 

Um, hello turquoise blue snake print dolphin '80s shorts!!!  You had us at...well, you had us at all of it!   80's, turq, snake and short shorts???  Done and done..  we are still trying to figure out a great outfit with these but so far we think a vintage tee and booties shall do the trick.  Just try not to pair with pumps (unless they are yellow or 80's) cuz these could take the bad turn.

Now, need your snake served a bit more mellow?  This Helmut Lang tee should be right up your alley.  
Just a touch of snake and a sprinkle of cool.  Pair with great jeans or jean shorts or even a high waist skirt.  YAY easy peasy.

How about this super cute dress from Something Else by Natalie Wood?  So cute!  
So summery and chic!  Pair with great flip flops (see our No Bueno for help) or fantasmic yellow gladiators and Hello cuteness!  

Need a bit o' snakeskin for a glamorous night on the town or for a great party?  Look no further than Miss DKNY.  Great cut, great print and no one will dare to look this hot and fashion forward.  SO memorable.

Um and it was a certain some one's bday but the one thing she was drooling over were these amazing boots from Hunter and Jimmy Choo.  

Now, she doesn't really need them but how fantastic would these be under, say an Xmas tree (they are for fall after all and she got sooo many generous gifts already).  P.S.  No Crocs were hurt in the making of these boots (YAY!!) they are fake.

Still not buying the whole reptile thing?  What about this great dress from Thayer?  Such a good piece!  

Perf for summer with heels or flats and it can even go into fall with some tights and black pumps and a motorcycle jacket.  We say, great investment!  You should do our stocks (if we had any left).

OK, now the recession is tough, money is tight and fashion is well... mucho dinero... so how about taking a journey to Ebay city and picking up a piece there and making it your own? If you work it, it will work. 

How great is this dress.  A perfect statement piece.  It says, "Hello, I am glamorous in a boho kinda way, but confident and sexy enough to stand out in a good way"  
We really heart this piece from Jay Godfrey and VH looks great in it too.  Hey was our bday FYI.. :)  Just saying.

Go have fun with fashion!  That's what it's for!

xoxo t.w.h.

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