Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Friday: We heart a good vintage Tee!!!

Oh we love us a good real vintage tee! With sweats to the gym, with skinny jeans and high-tops, with cut-offs and flip-flops (Not platform ones.).  We just can't help it, we are a sucker for any cotton Tee that has been around for over 20 years... Yum!
Now of course the best ones are the ones you either got from your folks... Yeah my sister has my parents old Rolling Stones Tee and it looks sooo good I turn green with envy every time I see her in it! But it also feels really great to score one for zilch at the local Good Will.... But these days, it is so hard to find a great really exciting vintage Tee for a reasonable price. Urban Outfitters, of course has great Tee's and the Truly, Madly, Deeply V-necks have a super sexy fit. 

But we are talking real worn in, about to tear to shreds Tees. 
Today we offer to you a selection of some of the cool ones we found on the web. 

Reasonable price, Super cute Jackson 5 concert Tee! This is the real deal from the 1980's and it looks pretty teeny tiny for all you little ladies out there. Check it out on Ebay. 

Are you there God? It's me, Miss Me. I am really sorry for everything bad I have ever done in my life, and I promise, if you just give me this vintage 1983 authentic Beat Street Tee, I will never do another bad thing as long as I live. Wait, is wrong to pray for clothing? Ahhh, who am I kidding? I do it all the time! 

But, really, God, my birthday IS next month. Thanks for listening. 

Wow, really Defunkd, who are you and why are you holding all my dream Tee's hostage? The ransom that your asking is pretty high... But I see where you are coming from. Good for you Defunkd, you are a brilliant purveyor of vintage Tees. 
Please check out this Ebay store for more jems like this Hill Street Blues Tee

This one would be so cute on the boy in your life! Plus you can borrow it, and look super cute!  

I have a favor to ask you though readers... If you happen to stumble upon this little beauty while you are shopping... Unless you are gonna put it in a gift box with a giant bow and my name on it, please don't buy it! I am working on the Boy I Heart to get me this one. ;) 

Original... From the first album. 
Thats right. WOW! 

Have fun vintage Tee shopping! Wear them with love. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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