Thursday, May 21, 2009

Decor (to die for): I see a red door and I want it PAINTED BLACK...

Think black walls are just for people like Marylin Manson and the Munsters?  Think again!  

Black does not have to be scary!  It really doesn't.   In fact we are sooo super jealous (in a good and kinda bad way) of the people who have black painted walls we couldn't resist becoming crazily obsessed with them.

We were reminded of our love of  black walls in the most amazing way, whilst talking to our one of my favorite boyfriends, A.J.D., when he started to sing this song by the Rolling Stones... Painted Black (um did we tell you he is 3!)

It got us thinking how much we HEART black rooms!  Its sooo bold, sooo chic and soooo unexpectedly beautiful.

OK, this house by J Crew designer Jenna Lyons, may be the true reason we became obsessed.  
We were both in Mexico reading Domino mag (sob...cry... why are you gone Domino!?!?!?!) and simultaneously screeched out in excitement when we saw these pictures.  

Perfection... glamorous,  classic, dramatic, fun and fantastic...  
Super heart the white mantle with the Persian rug and wood floor.  AAAHHHH so beautiful! 

And what about that fantasmic bathroom???  
OMG are those bare herringbone floors and a black claw tub????? WOW!

How gorgeous is this dramatic black sitting room from Kelley Proxmire?
The crisp white chair and Chinese accents against the flat black wall... so clean and totally doable.  We lurve the mix of beach and Asian with a great palate of neutrals and coral.  Sooo super chic!

And what about this super casual yet amazingly well put together elegant black kitchen from another one of our fav designers,  Dame Ruthie Sommers.  
Yum and um hello?  Turquoise accents and a chandelier????  Yes and Please!  She perfectly mixed cool and casual with chic and hardcore....amazing!
It doesn't get much cooler or chic-ly unique than a black kitchen.  

Yup that's right!  
That is Queen Kelly Wearstler's BLACK kitchen!  Who would have ever thought that an all over black painted, tiled and marble kitchen could work so unbelievably well.  Her unique and well picked accessories, her glamorous and elegant table settings are perfection in her not at all Gothic black kitchen.   We will leave this masterpiece to Kelly.
Kelly?  Could you please come over and do this in our hallway?  Only you could make a freaking glossy black hallway, whimsical!  Thank you for your vision and fairytale imagination.  How do you do that?  How do you mix Asian, mirrored furniture, glamour, pink, black and tile and create perfection??  No, really how?

Um had us at hello... This black masterpiece of a living room.
So chic, so crisp, so easy, sooo not hard or unlivable.  This is a perfect example of a black room that can suit even the most timid or design shy.  The use of colors and textures actually make the room comfy and welcoming.  

P.S.  PLEASE tell my real boyfriend that we should really paint one of our rooms black! Please..hook a sista up!  Hee Hee

So go out... be chic... get some shmancy murs noirs (that's black walls in french...see how fancy we are?)
Don't forget a good primer and drop cloths!
And send us pix when your done!

xoxo t.w.h.

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