Sunday, May 3, 2009

No Bueno! Not loving how amazing you are...

Tis true.  

Take a deep breath... wrap your arms around your body and realize how amazing you truly are.  ( I know..I know..cornball alert..but think about it)

In world so wrapped up in faux (or real) celebrity, skinniness, age and money,  it's super hard to remember that NONE of that really matters... seriously...none of it.   

When our number is up, and our wrinkles are like that of California Raisins, none of that will have made you happier.  What will, is knowing you lived your life to the fullest while enriching those around you and not hurting anyone.  

Living, laughing and learning..those are the things that matter.

P.S.  this may have just been a tweety bit of a reminder for me ...hee hee.  But we all  need a little kick in the butt.  We forget sometimes to be good to ourselves.

Now have an amazing day and do something good just for you.  You deserve it.

xoxo t.w.h.

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