Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let them eat cake.... Birthday Cake!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Haaaaaapy Birthdaaaay dear little Miss t-w-h, Happy Birthday to you!!! 

So, our dearest darling partner is having a birthday tomorrow and we are so very excited for her!  We heart birthdays for many reasons; they give you the chance for a celebration of another year on this wonderful planet, the knowledge that as each year passes you get a little smarter and more confident about the person you are. 
But the absolute BEST thing about birthdays? 

You guessed it! The chance to eat delicious, frosted, layered, birthday cake!!! 
(Side Note: You are also allowed birthday cake on friends birthdays, a great reason to have lots of friends!) 

Now, we heart all kinds of birthday cake, but the best of all are the ones that are made at home. They are filled with lots of love and care, plus it must mean someone really, really loves you! So, even if you make your friend a homemade (Yes, we count from the "box" as homemade.) 
birthday cake and it turned out lopsided and crooked, that cake is still the best kind you can give. 

Of course any cake is made extra special with the use of a beautiful cake stand. Talk about making something look super schmancy (You know that should be a word) without much work.  The Things We Heart Girls go weak in the knees for a good cake stand. 

But, a non-perfect cake, well, that would never be the case for my sweet partner.  She is like a hot, young, stylish Betty Crocker, this girl bakes her friends adorable scrumptious cupcakes and then brings them over in a Bake & Carry! Lopsided cakes is not even a idea she can comprehend.... But I just know if I made her one, she would think it was fabulous! That is what makes her, well, her. 

Yummy chocolate cake, with beautiful, tapered pastel candles on a clear glass cake stand... Happy Birthday lucky lady! 

So today I salute two things I heart, cake & my friend. 
I love you girl. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Julio said...

I had a giant cupcake cake for my 19th, with the a frosted "let them eat cupcake" sprawled on the side ;)