Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Flash Friday: Heaven on Broadway and Broome St

EEEHHHHH EEEEHHHH EEEHHHHH (that's the sound of the NYC hotel alarm at 8am...5am my time)

Strrreeeechhhh.....tip toe, tip toe (don't wake the boy up) ...ouch (that was my toe kicking my stiletto across the room).. splash splash... slurp slurp (ah coffee... nectar of the early bird Gods)... zip and lock...  and WE ARE OFF!!!

Walking up Broadway I can see this real?  OMG!  TOP SHOP NYC!!!  

Yippie!  My walking pace slows down..  what if it's not good?  What if it lets us down like H&M has for the last year (or 2)?   OK.. deep breath... grab the door handle and just go in...

And the doors opened..It was heaven.
I swear I heard the flapping of angel wings and little fluffy Bunnycats
(and yes...those do exist in my heaven) flying around and singing.  

It was all I expected and more.  It was heaven on the corner of Broadway & Broome.

It's 4 levels (that's right, 4) of bliss.  3 for the girls and 1 fantastic one for the, hi..they have shoes!  And these are not knockoffs of the fabulous people,  these are T.S.(Top Shop) originals ma' ladies.  Like these beautiful and well priced gladiators.

and we all know us T.W.H. gals luurve our gladiators.   

Or these fantastic tribal (but far from Prada knockoff) platform sandals.  
Hello Harem pants..these are our new friends, Hot Tribal Heel... you guys would make an amazing couple.

So, I catch my breath and go directly to T.W.H.s fav, Kate Moss for Top Shop.  Its stocked to the brim with her fancy frocks and shmancy never too trendy but last forever pieces.  I immediately grabbed this cropped nautical cardi...sooo perf to dress up any outfit in a casual, "I don't care..I just 'threw' this lil' number together" kind of way.

I make a quick stop in the denim section...ahhh!!!  What's that!!???  A ruffle shoulder jumpsuit?!?!   Whhaaattt???   Is that Balenciaga???!!  Nope but its a damn hot ass dress!  
And wow..a chic clean one shoulder jumpsuit?!!  

I go to the Boutique level where they have all this almost Avante-garde-esq designs.  Perfect for keeping in your wardrobe forever.  
This dress will be sooo chic for years to come...just change out the heels and bag and you are good to go for many wears.

We then waltzed (or floated, high on Top Shops best uppers) over to these amazing chiffon printed numbers..dresses, camis, skirts, cardis...the whole gamut to find out it's their new line from designer Barbara Hulanicki.  So charming and girly, yet the prints really just make it fun and sassy.  
Lurrvee this light blue leopard print tent dress with bow back.

There is soooo much more but we are so tired from the Top Shop heaven roller coaster that now it is time for snuggles and hot chocolate... gotta rest up for round 2 tomorrow!!

My arms are still shaking from all my amazing finds (so is my wallet) ..what recession?  Just kidding I am suuuper the recessionista and sooo not fancy pants. But I couldn't help myself :( ..It's TOP SHOP!
P.S. This was originally going to be a post about all of the amazing lower cost fantastic fashion lines but we are still on Top Shop Cloud stay tuned for that one in a couple of weeks!

xoxo t.w.h.

see! we told you bunnycats are real ;) 

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