Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Bueno: We do NOT heart platform flip flops

If Britney does it... well...we probably shouldn't

Now don't get us wrong... we uber heart flip flops.. Havaianas and Old Navy skinnies to be exact.  Sooo easy,  sooo effortless...and when they are the right ones, it doesn't look sloppy.  It can actually look super cute and pulled together.

But this is not the case with platform flip flops.  Never has there been a case when we have seen these trommping through the streets where we thought.."wow cute flips!"  or,  "geez, she looks so tall and thin".  

Shame on you Prince!  Platform flips AND socks?!?! No and NO!

Contrary to what their wearers think, the giant soled flops just draw attention to your feet and make your legs look shorter and well.... ummm... not so long and lithe.

Hello beautiful bride! we would crop the pic at your ankles... you look so great..then we saw your feet ;(

OK, let us just say that we are HUGE, UBER, fans of heels and wedges when they are done right... we are not saying wear flats... we are just saying if you are going to wear a flip flop for ease and cute comfort, let your outfit and cute body do the talking... not your Herman Munster-esque feet.

enough said..point made

Also, there are so many economista priced fashion shoe stores out there that if you are in the red in your account, but still need a bit of height, save the moolah and just grab a pair of less expensive wedges.

You're welcome ;)

Now get out there and be cute!

xoxo t.w.h.

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