Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bueno!!! Viva Las Vegas!

Miss Me:  Wow,  this place is fantastic! Look at all the lights! Can you feel that energy? 

Miss t.w.h: It's sooo a sparkling sky on the ground..but way prettier (sorry mother nature)

Miss Me:  I feel like a 1950's movie star! Where is Frank when you need him? 
Lets go get some drinks and play some craps! I feel lucky! 

Miss t.w.h.: You totally look like a screen starlet!  Soooooo super hot Miss Me!  Drinks are on me and bet some clams on #13 for me!   

Miss Me:  Alright grab your cute snake print clutch and lets hit the Casino!! 

Stay tuned to find out how the Things-We Heart Gals wild Vegas night turned out! 

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