Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion Friday: Sweats are the New Black....OMFG...Wooo Hooo!

We blame American Apparel for their AMAZING off the shoulder, sloppy seconds sweatshirts...from last year

Or maybe we can blame Juicy for making Velour tracksuits day wear...SOOOOO happy those Juicy days are far far far behind us all.

**If you are still wearing matching top and bottom tracksuits...TAKE THEM OFF NOW. Donate them to the Goodwill and be on your way.**

...Who ever is to blame for the whole sweats in the day thing...we thank you!!! didn't think we were gonna say that did you?

But as we sit here typing in the cutest drop crotch, heather grey sweats ever looking quite cute(If we do say so ourselves) with our striped cardi and worn out tee shirt to match we can't help but thank the people responsible!.

Not us but such a great way to wear the new Fashion Sweats....

Sweats have come a looong way from those horrible ones of the recent past. They are full on fashion now!

So super fashion that they are giving them hardcore details to kick your ass in the best smashion-y way possible...

They marched down the runways of Isabel Marant (LOOOOVVEEEE), Burbury, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs to name a few (and out faves of course)

OK, now Miss me and I are no strangers to wearing sweats with vintage tees and converse, (our uniform last summer) but it was like a gift from the fashion Gods that they became fashion with the new styles that are out...

Monsieur A. Wang has thrown out Feats (Fashion Sweats...pronounced F-ets..rhymes with sweats) for the last few seasons and we really gotta get down and kiss his cute lil tootsies for that. And this last season he really F'd us up with his Athlete meets fashionista meets Mcgipster.


Ugggh he even made matters worse (in the cutest way) with his new line of underwear and workout-ish wear. We are dying over these Hanes-esque boy undies!

These would look soooo super cute under baggy jeans. Oh...well look who it is...

Damn her and her cute fucking outfit.

What do you get when you mix the 80's, Punk(ish), and sweats? Ashish!

Their hardcore detailing of these 80's sweats is pretty funny and rad.
Throw on a denim jacket (not moto style...too much) and worn out tee and "look who the fashionista dragged in"

They also tried to give Mr Wang a run for his moolah with their rolled hem cropped sweatshirt.

Now you maybe asking.."Um hi...Not all of us have abs o' steel like a 10 year old supermodel or Gwen Stefani..."
That's ok! Wear this with...A. High waisted baggy shorts...B. with a hanes tank under..Tada!

Not ready to go full force with your Feats? Sauce's pink studded versions are perfecto for the girl on the verge...
Baggy tee, flip flops, side braid...done and cutely done!

Ooooohhhh honey...we lurve us some good details. And this twisted back sweatshirt from Urban is no exception.
Skinny jeans, buckled wedges (rad ones) and you, our loves, are RTG!

Oh dear LORD....What ...who...what????? Huh???
Snake drop crotch "sweat shorts"?????
3.1 Phillip butt head!!!!! We are crazy in heartville with these shorts!!!!!!!!!
How the F are we gonna get these and wear them???

JCrew gives us a good ole spanking with their super rad zipper bottom version.
We love that they paired them with yummy Gladiators!

But we would also LOVE to wear them with our still favorite pair of "Cons"...the Ash Virgins!

Hello rad Cheap Monday Shredded Feats top! We heart you!!!!

We are going to get you and wear you with army pants and flip flops or converse!

Thank goodness XXI got on the band wagon too! Yesterday someone we know well (OK me) was wearing a rad grommet shoulder Feats top from them and people thought it was some $$$ designer!
This studded shoulder XXI top is not the one we were wearing but super similar's $18. Done and Done!

Oh hi....yeah that's right..Feats come in all forms now...even super cute vests!
Throw this bad boy on with a looong slouchy tank dress and watch out!

So whether your just running around throw on some fantastic Feats!
You will kiss us later (especially after having to spend the whole day in work clothes or skinnies)

xoxo things we heart

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decor to Die For: Literally, we DIE for these kitchens...Kitchen Porn

Ahhhh a girl can dream can't she?

You don't need to own a home to want a dream kitchen...or even have to be in the process of redoing your own kitchen that you wish was something totally different than what you ended up with...
Ooopsie...hee...sorry...just a bit angry still.

So for todays Decor to Die for we give you kitchen porn.

*not suitable for people who have weak kitchen hearts or NSFW if you make too much noise out of envy ;) *

We hope that bit of kitchen porn inspired you to maybe do a small DIY in your kitchen...
Whether you paint the cabinets (I always did that in my old apt)...hang some open shelving from Ikea (cheap and easy) or just declutter and let your imagination run wild.

P.S. Take the weekend to make a change to something in your home you have been dreaming to will love it! Never stop dreaming!

xoxo things we heart

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Hearts: We Heart Bravo TV!!!

Bravo (channel 273 to you Direct TV peeps) is by far one of the best channels ever created!!!!
Dramatic you say? haven't seen anything yet!

Bravo is soooo good it should just be called "Fuck Yeah TV"...or..."Sshhhhhh...I know it's on Tivo but still..Shhhhh TV"...or..."Even though I have seen this episode 10 times, I'm still gonna enjoy this TV".

No matter when we are turning our favorite channel on we know we are in for something good, something to let us escape from our hectic lives.

Don't get us wrong...we still suuuuper love a good and expertly and hilariously written episode of our fave Modern Family

or 30 Rock

or rerun of the best show ever Arrested Development

....but as a whole Bravo TV serves their amazingness UP!

Disagree? That's OK...we are really sweet easy going girls...but COME ON!!! Jeff Lewis????
The amazingness that is Kelly Cutrone? And hi...we DIE for Rachel Zoe...

Need a bit more to convince you? it goes!

Hi...Flipping Out anyone? Yeah...exactly.

We had you at the first one!

Jeff Lewis (our other Fake Boyfriend besides JA, MJ and JD) follows the OCD antics of 2 brilliant house flippers Jeff and Ryan with their kookie sidekick and assistant Jenny.

Speaking of flippers...we are obsessed with Bravo's new flipping show called 9 By Design.

It is about a rad couple with 7 kids in NYC who turn crazy decrepid buildings...sometimes porn stores...into insane townhouses.

They travel from flea market to flea market around the world to decorate these stunning flips. Oh and when we say "flips" we don't mean change a few faucets....they literally flip that structure upside down and inside out...yeah with 7 kids!

Oh had us at "If you need to cry, go outside." And then you had us even more the longer we watched your show.

To say she is a power woman is an understatement, she is an Uber Woman.

It's a "behind" the scenes look at the strong personality and how she has built and runs on of the biggest fashion PR agencies around.

Fashion! Wooo hooooooooooo!!! Oh it makes us tingle so! And our other obsession on Bravo is the Rachel Zoe Project.

Yes, the woman (partially) responsible for helping the cuteness that is Nicole Ritchie into the fashion maven that she is today.

Rachel and her super sexy, bowtie wearing, yummmm inducing assistant Brad are soooo obsessed with fashion it will make anyone respect the art of it.

Last but never least (I mean hello...Real Housewives of NYC and Top Chef?!)...we have the coolest of them all....

The longest running show on Bravo is by far, Inside the Actors Studio with the one...the only...James Lipton.

He is the Larry King of Bravo. Every major actor in the world does this show that goes deep inside the career of our favorite actors...take a looksie!
heee heeeeeeee

And for Bravo Tv's newest baby on the block...the one we are sooooo excited to watch...Our Goddess SJP's new show..."Work Of Art".

It follows 14 aspiring artists of all forms of art to see who can create the next...say it with us "Work Of Art". It's hosted by China Chow (an art enthusiast and actress) and produced by Sarah Jessica Parker.
We are soooooo IN!

P.S. Now before you say, "Wait what about Project Runway and Shear Genius?"
We say...
1. We are sad that Project Runway is no longer on Bravo...but it still is on TV and it's still pretty good and
2. Shear Genius? F that...after they picked Brig to win this season we have cut all ties.

P.P.S. As ladies in the biz...we are still super upset about the whole reality show thing...the more that are on the less and less jobs open up for the little guy...but while we are in this pickle...we shall embrace it.

P.P.P.S. WHERE THE F IS TOP DESIGN?!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!??! We miss you FB Jonathan Adler and goddess Kelly Wearstler....we miss you!!!!!

Have fun with TV....that's what it's for...well that and learning :) Hee hee

xoxo things we heart