Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Friday: What's up Doc?

When the 90's ended... We were happy to kiss a lot of things goodbye... House Music, Heroin Chic, Full House.

But a lot of things were really hard to leave behind... Wonderful things, like Super Models, Heroin Chic and, of course, Beverly Hills 90210.

Well, guess what? All the cute gals in Hollywood are busting out their old Doc Martens and rocking them again with pride!

Ok, well to be honest.. Drew Barrymore is busting out her old Docs, these other gals are getting their first pair, having missed the trend the first time around because they were in utero.

We can't tell you how excited we are for the return of the most comfortable yet bad-ass shoe ever!

We are in heartsville all over again with Docs and a pretty dress... Although these days it would be a pretty fitted mini dress and not a ripped up slip-dress, No body wants to end up looking like C. Love... Yucks.

The Doc Martens company which was started 50 years ago and quickly embraced by the blue collar working masses... The postmen, factory workers and transport unions who had initially bought the boot by the thousand, were joined by rejects, outcasts and rebels from the fringes of society.

Skinheads, Rude Boys, Punks, Grunge Rockers, Fashion Lovers, Super Models, Teenagers...

At this point Doc Martens are as much a part of our cultural DNA as denim.

All that history AND they look great with short shorts.

We are so excited about the Docs return to the for-front of fashion, we had to share a few of our favorite ways to wear them with you.

We flipped out for this random image of street style we found... Who is this girl? What country is she from? And how can we be as cute as her? Black leggin's, classic black Docs, fluffy weird white vintage sweater and a cute brown bag... Hippie hair and hardly any make-up? DONE.

We are also super into this picture of Erin Wasson... Such a sexy dress and the sloppy loose boots make it even better.

Love the preppy on top, bad-ass on the bottom look on this little lady.

Vampire Weekend concert, here we come.

Another yummy Erin Wasson look... So perfect, grunge girl re-done.

We snatched these cuties from the look book of a company called April 77
That styling on the left is REDIC... Totes Redic!

Agyness Deyn is pretty much the queen Doc Martens these days...
Look how rad her studded pair is.

Welcome back sweet boots of rebellion... We are so excited to start building outfits around our new foot-wear.

We are totally stealing this look straight off of Whitney Ports back...

Our two favorite pairs...

These really sweet little floral ankle boots.

And these... (We both got them!) tough boots that have a girlie girl ribbon shoelace!

Welcome back 1990's, as long as Miss Me doesn't start dipping back into the Manic Panic pool, things will be fine.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


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