Friday, April 2, 2010

Fashion Friday: Yummm Scallops...the fashion kind

We lurve us some scallops...

Nooo...not these....

Or even these....


Christopher Kane...YUM!

Scallops are so delicate and feminine with a vintage chic edge...

They can be soft and sweet in a snarky way...

(Chloe '09. They have been doin the scallops for a couple of seasons now...thank the lord cuz we can't get enough)

Or dressed up to be hip and "oh yeah...i just threw these on with a tee and blazer" ..."oh you like? haha thanks! I just wear what's on the know."

Or paired with dark tights and OTK boots for a ...I'm too chic to be called "chic" and sooo perfectly imperfect it will make you try to copy it again and again for the perfect balance of cool girl meets cute boy.

Ugghhhh scallops are soooo cutie bean and ooh lala chic....look at how our FBF Miss Meester fuckin rocks these Chloe duds...

Sooo cute right? Take those shorts and throw on a fantastic tank with yellow flats or ankle boots and you my dear are waaay TCFS (too cool for school). Just don't let us find you! And if we do be careful...we will steal you...

Unfortunately, we couldn't find those ridiculously amazing high waisted shorts that LM was wearing...but we did find See by Chloe's silky yummy pj style scalloped trim shorts here.

These beauties are beggin to be paired with a white sheer tee, denim jacket and hot ass wedges or converse.

Remember those uber cute yet totally casual Chloe SE (Scalloped Edge) shorts that our obsession and Sienna were wearing? Well now you can get your pretty paws on some.

OK maybe not Chloe, but Urban has stitched up a pair of simple pull ons that if worn right are a pretty good copy of the OG.

*Buyers note...size down and make sure you have a rad vintage belt or a drapey top over the stupid elastic waistband of these*

Like snowflakes and people and ummmmm 2 scallops are alike ;)
Take American Apparels lacey T shirt...the edges may not be scalloped but that gorge lace pattern sure is.

Sooo Art Deco...just the way we like it. (The color choice of this top is Black El Salvador)

Shpeaking of tops...Chloe called and they said your top is ready...and it's on sale!

Too bad their version of sale is sooo not recessionista chic but it could be very worth the price.
Those delicate flutter SE sleeves paired with the stunningness of the hem and off set buttons...yummmy!
Throw on your fave dark skinnies or high waisted flares and honey, you are a walking definition of chic!

You know our silly love (Ok're right it's an obsession) with Rompers...well thank you Urban for your sticky sweet vintage-esque birdie print number.

This has Coachella written ALL over it!
We think mixing it up with heavier shoes like some Docs or lace up boots and a drapey cardigan will be perfect.

Hello beautimous and striking red dress from Tibi! How's it going? Oh, really? You don't say. Yes you are a great romantic spring dress!

We can wear you to weddings and baby showers and parties and dinners. Your delicate yet strong edge will literally go with every kind of shoe and jacket...done and done!

Ok, you're right...I mean those last few pieces were amazing but not the most affordable and "everyday-able" in the bunch.

Well of course F21 has jumped on the not quite yet here bandwagon and gives us this soft SE mini.
A drapey tee (white would be nice), some booties or flips and hair in a pony will make this skirt a must have for spring.

And for our fave pic of the bunch. We are soooo dying for this dress.

(It might be the girl, the styling and her TDF orangey red lips and stunning beachy hair that are really killing us)

We are suckers for nude lace mixed with toughness so black tights, blk stilettos are dying to be worn with this dress...then put on a denim jacket for good measure.
OR black combat boots or studded converse would look just as rad.

Trying to find the perfect bikini (oh honey...sorry we said the "B" word...yes we are all scared of that asshole of a word) and not sure what to do?

Call your friends at...say it with us CHLOE for your go to suit.
We die for tie sides!

How ever you want them...they got 'em. Scallops are on their way!

xoxo things we heart

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Chloe does scallops so well. And I'm in full agreement with you...that Urban romper is SO perfect for Coachella. Coachella is the ideal time to pull out the rompers and riding boots - love love!! :)