Monday, April 26, 2010

Beauty-fuls: We heart getting nailed! In the spring nail trend kinda way...

OOhhhhh wooooo hoooooo!
We loooove a good manicured hand (well hands and feet) and this spring brings us the most unbelievable nail trends eva!

Fashion finally made it's way to the tips of your toes people and it is gooooood!

The bestest part about nails getting soo much attention in the world of beauty and shmashion is that you can super recessionista it up and do it at home instead of spending your hard earned cash at a salon.

The #1 trend so far this spring is the putty color trend.

A few weeks ago we threw it at you in the Spring beauty trend post and since then it keeps getting bigger and biggger! (No, not because of us...because it looks fantabulous on everyone!)
Putty colors are seriously chic and for the lack of a better word...polished!

We still vote for the Chanel Particuliere but if you don't feel like spending a grip then the best runner up is the OPI one we talked about.
Buy it here!

There is one trend we knew right away would be huge for spring is the white polish trend.

And no, not because we are fortune tellers (um hi...remember this Matte Polish post? yeah we may have been a bit to ahead of the trend) but because one of the most gorgeous style setting women in the world was wearing white polish last summer and debuted it at her Spring '10 LAMB fashion show.

** Wow long run on sentence**

The radiculous Gwen Stefani loves her some good polish and when she stepped on stage with perfect white paws we were all a flutter.

SO crisp....sooo clean....sooo futuristically cute!

We love OPI Alpine Snow for this look.

It's a stunning matte white.

Wanna take your white to the next level? We super do! Add rhinestones (80's style) for a crazy cute look!

If you have shorter nails do slightly smaller stones...but the look is TDF!

A few months ago the gorge Miss Me posted about our love of half moon manis and reverse frenchies and we are still obsessed!

The half moons and reverse frenchies are crazy chic and fashion forward still in the most vintage way ever.

They have been doing these since the 1940's but they are back!

Here is a great tutorial on how to do your own half moon mani. Super easy and cute!

You can use any color combo you want but make it bright and fun!

Our most favorite new way to do the tired old french mani? With glitter tips!

There is something soooo...Je Ne Se Quois about it.

Hahahahahah how rad is this Conair Glitter putter on-er?

We don't know if it works but you know us and gadgets! Gotta have em.
In case you don't want to hassle with the is how to do your own glitter tips.

Directions: After applying the base color, use the polish with the larger glitter pieces and apply to 1/3 of the end of your nail. Use the glitter polish with the smaller pieces and apply over the other glitter layer to 1/2 of your nail. Line the end tips with the precision brush. Just try not to bust out your jazz hands too often. Helpful tip: To remove glitter polish, soak half a cotton ball in remover and hold it in place over your nail with a piece of tin foil. Wait two minutes, and twist to remove all the glitter.

Speaking of super rad and fun nails...the Minx nail foil trend is getting bigger too! Thank the nail goddesses above!!!

You can literally have the most insane colors, designs ever and they last for weeks!

We are dying over this striped Minx look.
It can be a bit $$$ so if you just want an insane gold or metallic-y finish on your phalanges Orly Luxe FX Foil makes a few crazy shiny robot like colors for waaaay less moolah.

You are soooo welcome! We do it cuz we heart you! (Well and we heart Gold Polish ;) )

Last but never ever least (just the hardest one to do) we looove the Lace nails from the Tracy Reese Show.

Super pretty and girly in a sick rock n roll kinda way.

You gotta go buy thin, thin lace and nail glue it to your bare finger then coat it with super sticky topcoat to get it to stay...


You knew it was coming people! The best way to DIY your own radiculous nails? (besides the 2 DIYs above of course) With nail art pens!

We heart Sally Hansen's pens to get the job done. Cheap and fun!

Fashion on your finger tips? Yes and PLEASE! There is no easier way to show your style then through your nails....done and done!!!!

xoxo things we heart

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Hells yeah! Get your nails done like G and you know you're the raddest chick! Got to follow all her fashion cues cause she knows how to rock the runway ;)