Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hot Lips

It is becoming pretty obvious that we are developing an obsession with lipstick.
We can't stop talking about it, thinking about it, and best of all, wearing it.

It all started WAY back last summer, when we stumbled upon the perfect shade of purplish, fuschia lipstick at Sephora (Psss. #11) It was everything summer should be... Bright and ripe. We called it magic lipstick and we have been very happy together.

We are pretty sure Marc Jacobs was spying on us... Because he totally copied us for his Spring 2010 runway look... It's ok, because we copy him ALL the time! (Except the bow and frizzy bang.. that wasn't us.)

Then we stumbled upon this crazy bright red lipstick we have had forever hidden in the back of the drawer and threw it on... WOWZER! We have not worn bright cherry red lips for so long, we forgot how good they feel!

We are now die-hard super lipstick fans... Because when you just don't really feel like doing much more, bright lips is just enough, they make you feel delicious.

I guess a lot of women have known this secret for ages...

But I have to say, we are super late to the lipstick party.
We have always been true blue eye liner & lip gloss lovers, and you know we still are... But something about bold lips just makes us feel very much the little lady.

Just look how pretty Emma Watson looks here with her side swept bangs and red lips... Holy Hermione!

We totally stole this lipstick guide from Handbag: It's the Spring Summer 2010 Lipstick trends. We have to say we love all the colors they chose.

We also are super in love with this true true red from Armani's new line Rouge d'armani.
Not only is this new formula said to last up to 8 hours... It is soft and hydrating. Such a break from the dry sticky long-lasters of the past.

We are big fans of the semi-nude face with bright lips.. It saves you from ending up with a clown-ish look... But if you are gifted with makeup, feel free to add a simple clean heavy eye, like Marylin Monroe... Very glam.

Careful though... You may end up looking like your addicted to love.

We suggest you go to the makeup store and test every color you think you can't pull off...
You may be happily surprised.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


Sophie said...

I wish I could pull off red lipstick!

COCAMIA said...

Such a fantastic post!!! I LOVE IT!!!