Thursday, April 1, 2010

Decor to Die for: The kids are alright!!

Not to be ungrateful ... Not to look a gift horse in the mouth... But the two gals from TWH are up to our eyes balls trying to finish decorating our beautiful homes.
We need a mini vacation from trying to find the perfect, consoles, dressers, benches etc... We need to take a deep breath and remember how much fun decorating really is....
(Top Design)

We need to take a vacation to the Wonderland that is Children's rooms!
Where anything goes and whimsy is king.

(Me & Wee)
Where color combinations can be fearless... And if it makes you smile, then you know you got it right!

This will be a picture heavy post... And if you have no children and could care less about children's rooms, well, we're sorry. But keep reading anyway, you may be surprised. If you do have "littles" in your life, babies, kids, nieces, nephews any little bug you love, in that case, your welcome.

What we need today is inspiration, and we are straight up stealing it like candy from babies.

We heart bright rich hued nurseries so much... It is hard to believe we love pale airy ones just as much!

But we really really do. See what we are saying about not being able to go wrong? We are not talking about hospital blue rooms filled with Winnie the Pooh decor... No offense to all you Pooh lovers out there.. Oh that sounds gross!

We are drawing today from rooms made for stylish little humans by the stylish parents that love them. Rooms that don't pander down to, but celebrate and raise up the future little design lovers taste.

Like this delicious little wonder... "Hey Cabana Striped Ceiling, what do you say you meet me at my place a little later?" This room belonged to the son of Jenna Lyons the design star behind J. Crew's re-vamp. Check out her house.. She has great style.

Somebody better hold me back... Jonathan Adler, A.K.A our Sweet-ums, is launching a "Juniors Line"!! Well, funny because everything I have seen from this line would look just as great in our living room as in Miss Me's little beastie's rooms.

Oh Sweet-ums, your such a funny man... Making our houses look so good just so we can head out the door to the poor house after spending every cent on your pillows!

Look at this teenage girls room... I would trade bedrooms with her in a split second! Well, maybe that is partially due to the fact that her bedroom is finished.. But still!

(House & Home)

Another really great note to take from these rooms is, don't be afraid to use real art in your kids rooms, in any room of your house for that matter.
(House & Home)

The right piece of art can transform any space into something more.
Like these fantastic Lego art pieces... Look close, the facts written on them are the best part... Scary stuff.

Oh Jeesh! Back to our Sweet-ums again. Mr. Adler designed this room for the daughter of designer Nanette Lepore. Wowzers. That is one heck of a room.
Love, love, love the "Sofa bed".

We also love the simple color family in this room... White, turquoise, and wood... Heaven.

These amazing prints would work as well for grown ups as they would for the kiddos. Because really, who is not in need of a Hello Kitty anatomy chart in the powder room?

And we have a bone to pick with Mariah Carey.. We have a serious problem with her co-opting the hippie-fairy-girl icon of the butterfly and trying to hooch it out... Well, listen sister, we are here to take the butterfly back! No more rhinestone "tattoos" and bad heels with feather butterflies glued on!

We want to be able to hang this beautiful mobile in our future daughters rooms and not have our minds tainted. Thank you... You really have a lovely voice.

Speaking of mobiles for your babies crib... Feel free to make your own if you can't find the perfect one for your Little's room, Miss Me made this one out of Ugly Dolls for her little-little guy... He LURVED it!

It really is great to remember that decorating is SO much more enjoyable when you are not taking everything so seriously.

Sometimes things just come together when you least expect it.

For example, this kitty cat mobile I found while researching this post!! Purrfect for a few of my pals with babies soon to arrive! Hooray! More shower gifts!

We LOVE the Funny Girl poster and the daybed in Amanda Peet's daughter's room that was featured in Domino back when Domino was still Domino.. Sniff!

Inspiration can come from places where you least expect it..

Sometimes it is good to take a step back from what you are doing, and look around at other things...

This has actually really helped us.. Hope it helped you.. Or at LEAST got your ovaries all heated up and ready to go!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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COCAMIA said...

I wish I had a room like that when I was a baby! Wow many things have changed! Beautiful images!