Monday, April 12, 2010

Beauty-fuls: We heart Spring Beauty Trends

It's official...Spring is here! And so are it's uuber yummy beauty trends...

You know how we heart a good beauty story...
So, as the saying goes..."Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" are this seasons beauty trends!

Wooo hoooo...there is something for everyone!

It's almost as if ALL the designers called Miss Me and myself to ask what our most favorited beauty looks are and recreated them just for us to gaze at and then play with when we are at home alone ;)

Sooo our gorgeous lovers of Things We Heart, without futher adieu we bring you 4 of Spring's most delicious beauty trends...

P.S. 2 you will for sure recognize from a couple other posts...the same 2 that we swear designers borrowed from our lil blog!

We couldn't start this post with out the trend that we will take full credit for...OK maybe not FULL credit but can't a couple of girls dream?

1. Under Eye Eyeliner-

Once upon a time in 2004 we were called "Embarrassing" after lining our lower lids with a bright turquoise blue it's showing up all over! Wooo hooo!
Darn our timing ;)

Thank you Nanette Lepore for bringing the blue underliner back in such a pretty way!

Derek Lam does a face good with his light handed watercolor-esque blue under eye liner...

Oh Erin Fetherston you always get us where it counts! We sooooo heart all you do!
Including this goregous reverse smokey eye.

Soooo heroin chic in a beautiful sexy (not emaciated druggy) way.

Need a good bright eyeliner like the ones from NL show?
We heart Urban Decay

Or for your recessionistas Sephora makes some fantastically bright blues too like Azure and Lagoon

2. Bright Bold and Peachy Lips

You have heard us again and again (and again) talk about our minor obsession (ok MAJOR) with bold colored lips.

And thank the beauty goddess above, designers heart them too!

Mr Marc Jacobs for sure copied our post from last year and Miss Me's Magic Lipstick for his Spring 2010 show. We are honored Fake Boyfriend...we are honored!

He brought the runways bright fuschia lips! Suuuch a great and fun way to do a bold lip.
Now that the trend is getting bigger (You're Welcome) we found a few more yummy shades of Bright ass purpley-pink.

Mac Show Orchid is super divine and sexy and oh soooo super
The tattoo queen herself (no not that nasty ass slut Michelle Mcgee) Kat Von D has a super cute shade called Backstage Bambi that is sure to Barbie-fy your pout.

Prada not only made double ponytails sexy but they also made the bright orangey-red pout TDF!

So we don't all look like freaks walking down the street...try Nars Red Square (a perfect orangey red pencil that looks amazing on everyone!)
Throw this on with messy hair or a sleek bun and Hello Gorgeous!

There was also quite a bit of peachy sweet lips stalking the runways.
Wooo hooo Nanette...2 trends in 1 show!!!

Thank GOD! Cuz those shades are demure, sexy and look good on everyone!!!

Nars line of Orgasm is soooo perfect for spring. Goldy peachy pink flavors make you look like a Greek Goddess. No need for makeup with this will look so sweet and polished.

While searching for the perfect nude lip we came across Freckletone from MAC.

It's a perfect peachy-nude shade for your sexy smokey eye look (that is also back...but isn't it back every single season? Yes it is...YAY!!)

3. Greige Nails- (That's Beige and Grey mixed together)
Thank you Chanel (for sooooo many reasons) for your greige nails.

Uggghhhh we soooo love this color!!! It's so, "I love to go to Paris to shop but I am soooo down to earth that I don't want to be flashy"

The puttiness of these "Greys" is chic and classy and goes with any ones skin tone.

Chanel was kind enough to let us non Chanel-y shoppers dare to dream even more by letting us have the same color as on the runways.

OPI also has their version of the Greige called Over the Taupe.

And last but sooooooo certainly not least...

4. Any thing goes as long as you feel super sexy hair

Of course we put Mr Wang in here yet again!

His wind swept side braid is soooo sexy...crazy stylish in a "Oh...I just woke up and this is what my hair looks like" way, uber easy to do and we wear it almost everyday.

Braids also showed up at Dsquared2

Norma Kamali did twisted braid "hats" that make us wish we had major mermaid hair

And a few other shows to prove they are here to stay.

Hi you ever do anything wrong? Ever? NO?? Yeah no shit!

'Cuz your Ballerinas on Crack buns are sooooooo F'n stunning!!!!!

And paired with smokey eyes we are totally stealing this for an upcoming wedding!!!

Diane, Diane, Diane....we are in Heartville with your spring 2010 tribal looks! Those fabrics are TDF!

And that goddess hair???!??! Yes Please!!!!!!

Take a trend or take them a bit of dress up!

Feel silly? Don't!
In the middle of this post I decided to try on all of my old bright blue liners and bright red lipstick and you know what? It looks pretty damn good!

Have fun! What else is makeup for?

xoxo things we heart

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