Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Bueno: Return to sender

Since we have a blog- proof that we are super computer savvy- it should come as no surprise that we LURVE us some on-line shopping.

Yes, it is true that this love can sometimes cause problems... Such as our momentary self-impossed ban from ebay, and the vintage Beastie Boy t-shirt section... hehehe... Woopsie.

But what is a girl to do when she falls in love with something she sees in her fashion magazine?

Put off all other purchases and go for the one you love right?
The picture looks so great right, they have to look like that in real life...

Ohhhh, but no... Sad to say, they don't.

A pair of booties that I fell in LOVE with in a magazine and dreamed about for months on end... and even went to the trouble of PRE-ORDERING... Something I am usually just not scheduled enough for, arrived at my house..... Only to shatter my little dreams.


RETURN TO SENDER! 100% money back thank you very much.
I am so sad to say that these really cute flat booties were not worth the price... And I hate to even say what company they were from... Because we really love the designer, and her jewelry line, and her kids names, and her clothes, and all her lines named after her cute kids names... Maybe it was just my pair.

It wasn't the fit... Because as you all know... The gals from TWH are obsessed with the fit of our shoes...

It is really just buyer beware, and when you are buying things sight unseen, you gotta be prepared for whatever get sent your way...

Having your shopping dreams thrashed is no joke... So maybe some good old "Brick & Mortar" retail therapy is the way to go...

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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lamb83 said...

Aw,I'm sorry you needed to return the shoes-best of luck with your next purchases.