Thursday, April 8, 2010

Decor to Die For: What a Pos(t)er! Part Deux...

We lurve a good statement poster framed as art...
We have a few between us and our most favorite ever are our dueling For Like Ever posters that we basically got on the same day with out even knowing it!

And remember that shmantastic post about PPs (no sickos...politcal posters)
Who says posters can't wow your walls like an amazing piece of (fine art to the shmancy set)

Gone are the days where we tape 'em or pin 'em up....(I mean your abode shouldn't resemble a dorm room...and neither should your dorm room for that matter)

When you see some of our new fave statement posters you will say buh bye push pins...hello frames!

And away we goooooooo... (wait, that's GO not Goo...FYI)

To start off this uber amazing post (hee hee) we couldn't not start with this rad poster called, "Why you should buy art"

It's pretty amazing...I might have to get one for our "Picture" wall to prove how art comes in every form...not just the uber $$$$.

Maybe it's because we as walking contradictions...uber girls meet total boys...we fell in love with this Masculine/Feminine print.

It's the perfect size to have matted and framed and can be thrown on an empty bathroom wall or above a bed for that great POP!

There is no such thing as enough is enough when it comes to Love and Vintage Cuteness themed prints when hung on a total pop/modern wall...or in a kitchen...or bathroom...or baby's room...or office...

When we came across this laser cut "poster" on Etsy, we got weak in the knees...literally.

We rushed around the house looking for a place for it.
This is BEGGING to be mounted on a super bright turquoise or yellow or pink mat with a grey 3 inch frame. Yummmmmy.

There are soooo many reasons to heart the Beatles for all they have given the world and this poster is yet another...

Their lyrics from Can't Buy Me Love thrown up in bright colors in a Fairey-esque kind of way is BRILLIANT. Love... that's it. Love.

There is something crazy cool about this "Owns" poster.

The black would look divine with a colored mat or bright lacquered frame.
In 3 words (on each line) it gives an art history lesson about the artists impact on the art world.
So cool...

So, many a apartments in the city of Lala and most other cities around the globe, have faux fireplaces and mantels (they were prob old heaters or maybe they are just there to make you scratch your head and think.."What the f**k do I do with my couch?" ) and they are sooo hard to decorate in a cute new way.

Well .... just throw this Happy Happy print in a great frame and you are GTG. It will brighten up any space and look super cute in a baby's room too!

Speaking of rooms for the little Bunnycats in your life...spunk up the walls with some great Rock posters.

Cheers to the designer of this Kings of Leon poster. We heart the 60's/70's cartoon Lion King.
Your lion cub won't even know it's a rad rock band until it counts.

Word on the street is that this band called, No Doubt also had some TDF posters for their summer tour that would look just as great as this one ;)

Your bathroom called and it want's this "Cloud" print above the toilet...

You know how much we are hookers for the DIYs of the world...and of course we had to give you a good one here.

It starts out with one Love and one Hate poster from Benjamin Dodgson...

Then they give you 2 Letrasets made up of modern words, symbols and type sets for you to transfer on to your posters. No 2 are alike!

Throw that tape away...get rid of your janky push to the nearest framer (not Aaron Brothers or Fast Frame...they are crazy over priced) and frame up a poster or 2!

xoxo things we heart

sorry couldn't resist ;) one more heart!

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