Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bueno: Sweet Little Feet

We are super jealous of every little girl in the world right now... No not because they get to wear tutu's and high-tops to the super-market with out anyone blinking an eye, no not because they get to twirl around in the sunshine till their skirt flips up over their head and everyone just says, "How cute!"

OK, we lied... Those are the reasons! And now we have one more to add to the list... GiGi & ZaZa is a new on-line boutique focusing on stylish shoes made for children who's parents are looking for something unique and a little bit sassy.

Made up of shoes made by european craftsman in family run factories.

And lucky for Miss Me... They carry shoes for little boys too!
Like the awesome GiGi velvet slip ons in the picture above... I call them "Fancy Wino's" but my 4 year old calls them his "Kung-Fu Shoes".
Who says kids can't have fine quality shoes? These are totally reasonably priced and you are supporting families in Italy and all over Europe who have been doing this for generations.

Mixing style with craftsmanship for your Kiddos~