Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Hearts: We Heart (soooo excited) Summer Music Festivals!!!

The dancing!

The shows!

The fun!

The people!

At Coachella...of course

We Heart Summer Music Festivals!!!

The time has come music lovers!!!!!

Actually you don't even have to LOVE music per say to have the best time ever at a fest...OK yes we are super sure it helps a lot to enjoy live music but it is for sure not a must. The experience alone will make you addicted.

US Music festivals are soooo ridiculously big and exciting and filled to the brim with rad stuff to do.

They now have rides, chill stations, full shopping and rec centers, tattoo parlours....the list literally goes on and on! Once you are there you will never want to leave.

There are quite a few in the US sooo many in fact we couldn't believe our music loving minds ;)

After scouring (and attending...we are retardedly lucky...we know!) tons of music fests all over the US and web we picked our 4 faves. They spread all over the country...there is 1 for everyone!!!!


Now obviously we can not even start to write about our lust for Springtime festivals without drooling and cooing over the one...the only COACHELLA!

Based in Indio, CA (near Palm Springs) every year in April.
We actually plan this pilgrimage...well not really a pilgrimage, pilgrimage...more like a jaunt but a crazy shmantastic 3 day jaunt...
Sorry...OK we plan our Coachella MF (Music Festival) trip waaaay in advance 'cuz we are soooo excited!
This year Coachella is hosting a crazy good array of bands, artists and of course music lovers and fashionistas (more in a second).

This year Jay Z (woo hoo), The specials (can't wait), Muse, Faith No More, Vampire Weekend (yay!) and 100s of other rad ass acts will grace the 4 stages there.

Last night we begged a certain someone we heart to take us to Lollapalooza this year.

Lollapallooza was created by Jane's Addiction singer, Perry Farrel in 1991 as a traveling fest and now resides in the middle of Chicago...amazing!

This year we are dying to go in August...the 6th-8th to be see Green Day, MGMT, Lady Gaga, The XX and The Strokes! It's gonna be insane.

There is something crazy cool about holding a music fest filled with full of life (and full of intoxication) kids dead smack in the middle of a huge city!

Lolla gives some of their proceeds to the Parkways foundation. Rad!

Now one fest we have been hearing about sooo much every year as the one not to miss (although we do every year) is Bonnaroo Music and Arts Fest in Manchester Tennessee.

It goes from June 10-13 on a 700 acre farm where they say the normal population rises from 7,000 to almost 100,000 for the week before and the week following!!!

They not only host musicians and Djs...they host Comedians like Conan O'Brien!!!!

Bonnaroo also plays host to artists and craft makers in there 100 acre village along with yoga classes, movie theaters, food drives and full recycling programs.

This year they are having Kings of Leon, STEVIE WONDER, Jay Z, OK Go, and Weezer to name a few.
Sounds like an incredible experience!

And last but not at all least...the one fest we do not fully know how to explain.

The Burning Man in Nevada from Aug 30-Sept 6th. (Wow a full week! Holy exhaustion batman)
It's hippie meets artists meets music lovers meets earth huggers meets who the fuck knows.
All we know is they say once you go you are part of the movement and you will be addicted to go every year.
Please read about's mind blowing!!!!

MFs are soooo popular with the fashion, celeb, mcgipster (we call hipsters Mc gipsters) set that there are blogs that dedicate pages on what to wear to 1 of our faves Who What Wear.

Fashion is soooo important at these festivals (especially Coachella) that 1 of our go to stores ever, H&M actually dedicated its Fashion Against Aids program to a whole line for Festivals!

P.S. Before you go on Craigslist or Ebay to search for MF tix...buyer beware...there are a few assholes out there that may have fake ones ;( But keep looking! You gotta get to one (or all) of these!

Have a blast! Enjoy your life! Get to a Music Fest ASAP!

xoxo things we heart

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