Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Friday: We heart Coachella Cuties before we begin a suuuper picture heavy post about some of our fav Music Fest fashions...(what's a music fest you ask? Oh...well...just click here!) we have to admit we totally forgot it was Friday!!!

Sooo we are sorry that this is late and that it's kinda half ass... :)

The bright side is now you A. Don't have to read a lot and B. At least you have something new to look at instead of those papers you are supposed to be working on.

Half full people...half full...

Sewwwwwwww with out further adieu.... Coachella's Cutest (sorry other music fests!)

Not our fave look but at it totally works on her...she's like a modern rainbow bright

Anything goes at long as it's short!

We can all thank the Goddess that is Kate Moss for really making fashion important at music festivals and for making knee high boots and micro shorts hot and fashionable with out looking like a Dukes Of Hazard reject.

Here are a few of our picks for Coachella Cuties...
Oh..PS It is always chock FULL of McGiptsers in their finest McGipster Wear. They always look amazing but these pics below are just people in their personal style. Nothing special except they look cute..

Hi cute couple! Like your matching granny boots!

Hi there...we are just 2 cuties hanging out...

Dowdy Mcgowdy and looking comfy in the 90 degree heat. She didn't have to worry about shaving her legs! Nice going! Also great hat! Take that skin cancer!

Love this girl! Yes a bit hip but looks great doing it! Great fringe bag and sheer button up shirt!

Great sandals can really elevate a denim F21 jumper. Slick hair and wayfarers...Done and simply Done

OK...really KB...really???!??!??!??!?!?!??! Uggh even in a tee and cut offs and plastic molded (amazingly yellow) sandals you look perfecto!!!!!

Nouveau hippie meet coachella...coachella this is a nouveau hippie.

This next girl is here because she doesn't give a shit about what the McGipsters think. This is her personal Miami Chic style and she loves it.

We have a girl crush on this rad girl (and KB and Miss Moss,...DUH) Yes a bit McGip but in a very cute fashion forward personal style way. Well done!

McGip Meets Manson...we like the contradiction...and that crazy cute 70's print dress. But 1 thing...hats work better in the desert when they are actually shading your face. That's all...just a note.

Oh's all your fault! I am knee (ankle) deep in slouchy buckle boots and I cant stop!

Even Dita keeps her style personal. And are those keds???? Wow! It must feel good to wear flats!

LOVE this hot ladykins! the point...comfy and super chic. (Not loving the sandals...but we will let that slide for your cute cute top and flowy blazer)

Hello cute boy in a funny hat! You're funny and cute.

Love that she has on a Raquel Allegra top (its backwards...but since you are wearing one we forgive you) with short shorts! The flats should go away but you are cute ;)

None of these 3 fantastical pieces work together per say...but on you it works! Voila! And you look great and super coachella appropriate.

P.S. Remember this post about weekend getaways? Everything there would be grreeeat for Music Fest Fashions too!

P.P.S. If you are going this year...send us pics at to show us what you are wearing...

xoxo things we heart

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