Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peace Love Joy

Happy Holidays!!!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, peaceful, joyous, snuggle filled, hug enducing and belly satisfying holiday season.   

We heart you and PROMISE we are coming back...we can't stop thinking about you guys and how much we miss posting.   



Friday, December 21, 2012


It is almost impossible to write this post. 

It has been almost impossible for me to get through a single day since last Friday morning, without breaking down into tears. Many sleepless nights have passed for all of us this week. 

When I drop my children off at school, when I tuck them into bed, when I wrap their Christmas presents- it is almost impossible to function. The sadness is too heavy. 

It is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around the horrible, unthinkable murder of 20 beautiful children and 6 adults that took place in Connecticut last week. 

It is almost impossible to talk about this horror. 

But we have to. 

As a mother, when I was pregnant with my third son, I would wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats and total panic. Because it was so hard to believe that I was putting myself into this vulnerable position again; to love someone that much and to have three little babies that relied solely on my husband and me to keep them safe. The risks that we face everyday are so frightening. 

We spend every single waking and sleeping moment knowing that these little beings actually exist...these little humans that we live and breathe for. 

It’s so frightening to know that these amazing little people who mean so much to you that you can barely breathe when you think of them, are out there in the world. A part of your body and your heart, but a part that can also physically leave your side. 

It’s so frightening to know that even though you want to be with them and protect them, in every single way humanly possible, each and every second of every day- you can not. 

The reality is that this is impossible to do. You trust that your children will be safe. You teach them to look both ways and to not play in the street. You teach them not to talk to strangers, you teach them every thing you can think of that will keep them safe.

You learn that you have to let them go. You secretly want to lock them safely in an ivory tower, but you can not. 

But what do you do when your children are not safe? How can you even begin to teach your children about something as unexpected and horrific as this? As unthinkable? 

When I told my 6 year old son about the killings in Connecticut, it was too much for him to understand.  I told him in the most "age appropriate" way I could.  That a very bad man has hurt a lot of other children. I told him myself, because I didn't want him to hear stories about it on the playground at school. I wanted him to know that he could talk to his parents about anything he heard or wanted to know. 

My 6 year old son asked me if he should never go to school again. I said, 

"No, you should go to school again, that bad man is gone now." 

My 6 year old son asked me, "Will it happen again?" 

I looked at him and I lied to him. 

"No, baby.... This is not going to happen again."

These families in Newtown.... I can not imagine the pain and total devastation they are going through. 
I want to reach out to each and every single one of them and hold them close forever.  To somehow make this insanity go away. 

I send so much love and compassion and empathy to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. We will forever hold your children in our thoughts and hearts. 

We share your pain. We share your sorrow. We will not forget. 

I am so full of fear, and I am so full of shame that I lied to my son. 

Because, this will happen again. Another mentally ill mad man will get his hands on a assault rifle that is designed for warfare and he will kill innocent people when they least expect it. He will let off unimaginable rounds of ammunition in the time it takes for police to arrive on the scene. When the police do arrive this mad man will, most likely, take his own life. 

How do I know this? Because in the last year over 30,000 American's died due to gun fire, many of them children. 

Because copy cat threats are being made in many states already. 

Because on the VERY day I was talking to my son, a man went to our local mall and randomly fired 50 rounds into the air before he was arrested. Thank God he didn't hurt anyone.

This is not a "us" vs "them" situation. This is a U.S situation. 

We need to stop with the my side, your side political "Team" mentality.  This is not about being left, this is not about being right.... This is about being human. 

This is a time for everything to be put on the table and for America to come to a middle ground agreement about GUN CONTROL. 

Not abolishing the 2nd amendment. Not taking away a person's right to own a fire arm. 

If you feel you need to have a gun in your home to protect yourself then by all means, do so. 

But in the interest of reason and safety, in a world where evil men and mentally illness do exist, lets agree to a very strict and thorough process to obtain such a weapon. 

In my ideal world, in my idealistic heart.... I would take every single gun in our country and make it disappear. 

I will never own a gun. I will never allow my three boys to bring any toy guns into my home, we will not glorify murder, war & violence under our roof. 

We will not play "Call of Duty" or "Halo" or any of the multi-million dollar video game industry's "games" which use humans as target practice (extra points for shots to the head).  

I know what it is like as an American to hold our rights close to our hearts. 
I expect respect regarding the right to control my own body. I want people to have the right to marry who they want. When these rights are threatened I get angry and I get defensive. 

So yes... As a liberal American, I can see that many people value their right to hold fire arms to protect themselves.  Many American's hold dear their right to pursue their "sport" of animal hunting.  

And out of respect, I can not ask for that right to be taken away, just as I assume that the rights I value will be left in place. 

But I think we can agree as a nation, that something must be done. Changes must be made to the way things stand today. 

I have many friends who fall on the other side of the party lines then I do. 

People, I know are wonderful humans who love their children in the exact same way that I do. 

I believe that humanity is bigger then what party you align yourself with. I believe that fundamentally we all value similar things. 

Call me naive if you wish. 

Now is the time.

Now is the time to have a civil conversation about what we will and will not tolerate in this country.  

Now is the time to turn the lie I told my 6 year old son into the truth. 

Now is the time for me to turn this paralyzing fear into power. 

My power does not come from an Ivy League education. 

My power does not come from a legal scholar’s understanding of the 2nd amendment. 

My power does not come from an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of government. 

My power comes from my heart, from heart of a mother. The heart that looks at the horrors of the world and then into the eyes of my children and your children and screams NO! 

Our voices are our power. We need to use them. 

We must act before this happen again.  As parents, as a nation, as loving people with broken hearts. 

We can use our voices to stand up with our President and our government, to agree that something must be done.  We stand behind any and all changes that can help prevent these horrific events from happening. 

We can no longer quietly morn the lives of innocents, while semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines continue to fall into the hands of madmen. 

We can ask our government to do more for the mentally ill and the families of the mentally ill to cope with their diseases. 

We can use our voices to show that as Americans we would like to come to a middle ground on this issue to make sure that we’ve done something

To make our voices so loud, to call for strict regulations to be enacted regarding the manufacture, sale and possession of weapons designed for war & mass slaughter. 
I believe that responsible gun owners would agree. 

We can not allow this to become a political stalemate. We can not let this issue get stuck in the quagmire of our governments back and forth as it has so many times before. 

This is not about being a Republican or being a Democrat. This is about protecting the future and safety of our children. 

This is about coming together as "We the People.” About using our voices as a collective democracy to change the course of our country. 

This is about our not having to lie to our kids. 

This is about having a clear and open heart when we do the hardest thing in the world for a parent to do every single day: kiss your child goodbye and trust that when you tell them you will see them later, you WILL see them later. 

Our fight for reform should be dedicated to the lives of each and every person who has lost their lives at the hands of an armed killer. But most especially to the heroic teachers and little beautiful children in Newtown. 

Rest in Peace sweet souls. 

  1. Charlotte Bacon, 6
  2. Daniel Barden, 7
  3. Olivia Engel, 6
  4. Josephine Gay, 7
  5. Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6
  6. Dylan Hockley, 6
  7. Madeleine F. Hsu, 6
  8. Catherine V. Hubbard, 6
  9. Chase Kowalski, 7
  10. Jesse Lewis, 6
  11. James Mattioli, 6
  12. Grace McDonnell, 7
  13. Emilie Parker, 6
  14. Jack Pinto, 6
  15. Noah Pozner, 6
  16. Caroline Previdi, 6
  17. Jessica Rekos, 6
  18. Aviele Richman, 6
  19. Benjamin Wheeler, 6
  20. Allison N. Wyatt, 6
  21.  Dawn Hochsprung, 47
  22.  Rachel Davino, 29
  23. Anne Marie Murphy, 52 
  24. Lauren Rousseau, 30
  25. Mary Sherlach, 56
  26. Victoria Soto, 27
May our country never forget you, I know I can not. 

Please look into standing up for America. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tell me about it....stud


Well well well...what do we have here, you ask?  oh nothin' just a bad a** Things We Heart post for you!   yup rub those eye lovers...pinch yourself...cuz 'tis true...we are here again for you!  (PS who knew when the men in our lives were so busy ours would be too!)
we are...(see below)

So for our return to the very small screen we are feeling very kinky...like stud n spike kinda kink....Puuurrrrrr. 

 Ok, ok...take it down a notch...we just mean we HEART (and have for like ever and eva and super happy they are back in a big way) spiked clothing!  

The purchase that started our hearts fluttering like a million fashionistas running to Bryant Park in September...
Pixie Market 

When we pressed "Add to Cart" on these bad boy spiked gladiators we thought they were too cute to be true but NOPE!  The fashion goddesses smiled upon us once again....

A loooooong time ago we posted about some bada** spiked heels for a bride and this is the man  that is responsible for hot, strong, smart, rad women being able to rock spiked stilettos and still look perfect (not slutty) Thank you Monsieur Louboutin for giving us GORGEOUSLY stupidly beautiful heels year after year...

We die...DIE  for these Christian Louboutins... like seriously ....

BUT since we love to be smart and realistic we found these crazy rad stunners from Aldo.  These are perfect with everything.   From a great summer or fall dress to skinnies or pleather shorts...these pumps are a MUST...

Hey!  Wait...speaking of radness in spikes 'n studs..... the super group that is No Doubt graced our TVs wearing fantastic suits smothered in perfectly placed spikes.  I mean...who in the world could pull this off but them...right?  Soooo good!  

Rob&Mariel (the uber stylists...they are soooo good we want to kick their asses)

Want to get your paws on a pair of sexy studded trousers but not sure if you can pull off spikes at work or play?   ....

Thanks Zara..aka "home away from home" for these perfectly studded pants.  

When I saw this spiked clip I immediately thought of my jinxysaurus rex.  Ugh its sooooo good!!!!

Also from heaven...we mean Nasty Gal is the divine...the deliciously gorgeously spiked moto jacket in a sky blue..I mean come on!!!!  

Blue not yo thang?  no worries...here's a stunner in black ....you're welcome...

So we wore a spiked sweatshirt very similar to this crazy rad one from Zara and it immediately transformed our boring uniform of an American Apparel sweatshirt and skinnies to sexy and rad...(if only our sweat pants and tee shirts at home looked this cute...)

Need a little outfit pick me up for going out or work?  Oh no problem...once again Zara will take care of you... Throw this on with jeans, shorts and a tee, over a flowy dress with boots and Done you are my friend. 

So after shopping and searching and looking and shopping and then shopping there are SOOOO many fantastic studded and spiked goodies for you to grab....we could post on and on and on but we know you have things to do (or buy now) so until next time... 

Happy Shopping Fashion Lovers!

Go forth and be bad ass!!!

xoxo things we heart

Monday, May 21, 2012

Snow White & The Hearts, Man...

Needless to say, we are super excited about the impending release of Snow White & The Huntsman.

Mixing together our favorite dark fairytale princess, with ass-kicking and lots of heavy metal armor and deliciously rich fabrics.... You already have us hooked! 

We are so inspired by the amazing costume and art design of this film, 
(Thank you very much to the legendary Colleen Atwood

Lets start from the top down shall we? 
As we try to play a little bit of Snow White & A little bit of The Dark Queen. 

So, first off it is sort of hard to talk about how fantastic Charlize Theron looks in this movie,
but obviously we are going to try.

The beautiful braided locks with the insane spiked crown?
Yes please.

We found these Lili Claspe fish bone braided headbands with bad-ass spikes and instantly bought one for each of us. (Shhh, don't tell Erin...) 

Plan on piling you hair in intricate braids, the more the better and wearing a few of these on top.

Now, we are going to need some serious armor, and where better to find that then at Armor Jewelry?

Now, we have been  in love before... But this jewelry is making it all feel new again. Stunningly feminine and totally tough at the same time, its like it was made for us.

One of these pieces could make any simple dress incredibly special.

Speaking of simple dresses, this little leather dress from Thankoon is KILLING us!! Sadly, it would also kill our wallets. But dreaming is good right? 

A more attainable dream is these sky-high spiked wedges from web-boutique dream emporium 

Nasty Gal, oh Nasty Gal, how we love you. 

And because we are not really evil queens, or huntsman at heart... How about a little vegan "leather" in the mix? Look like a bad ass with out hurting one living thing! 

This faux leather jacket from Urban Outfitters is totally Knight worthy. 

Least we forget our finger tips... A good silver is hard to resist. 

We have a lot of love for Chanel, Graphite. 

(Thanks NailNerd for the image) 

Thank you Kristin & Charlize for looking as amazing on the red carpet, as you do on the silver screen. 
So many great ways to work this look from head to pinky toes. 

XOXO, Thing-We-Heart

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thanks mom...we heart you! (last minute moms day gifts...you're welcome procrastinators)

                      makes us cry every time...like every time.  if you didn't you are a robot

It truly is the bestest, hardest, raddest, funnest, cutest, toughest, sleepiest most smile enducing, heart bursting job in the universe (that's right, we said it...UNIVERSE)

Our moms went through so...SO much for us (we may be angels now but you should have seen us in high school ...and after...sorry moms!) so it makes perfect sense for there to be a day to remind us to remind them how much we love them and are thankful for all they do for us.

Now you are probably asking..."We super love our mamas...but what should we get for them that's different from the usual roses?"   We are so glad you asked!   Here are our fave pics for our fave mamas.

(PS You should never feel pressure to buy anything!   Moms like snuggles, kisses, picnics, sleeping, 50 Shades of Grey...well they DO... cookies, sleep, breaky in bed....see if you are creative its even better)

                                                       Our fave macarons in the cutest box from Bottega Louie

But for those of you who LOVE an excuse to buy something super cute for the ones you love...read on friends...read on....

Ok so obvi...every hard working, huge loving, tired mama needs to be pampered and feel as beautiful as she is...what better way then a trip to the one and only Dry Bar!  

Let her walk in with stingy hair and waltz out with bouncy waves or sleek sexy shine.   No one does it better.   Oh and lucky you last minute shopper...they do gift certs!   Done and done!

  Plus they will serve your mama tea, coffee or champers while she is getting gorge...hello!

From our fave FBF (fake boyfriend) Jonathan Adler is the cutest most user friendly paper weight on earth!   How freaking cute is this?!  Mom is going to suddenly become messy just so she has papers to put this on

Ok so there are FOR SURE at least 3 moms (we just happen to be 2 of them) who die...like seriously freak for pale pink peonies!
 This stunningly GORGE arrangement is from my ultimate favorite lux company ever ever ever!  The Alchemist...super hard to explain but once you get it...YOU GET IT!   Nothing comes close to this company... Surprise your lady love, baby mama, or mom with this peony arrangement and she will squeal in delight.

Feel like giving mom some sweets but would rather make her a goodie?   She will be so in heaven with these ridiculously yummy salted caramel chocolate chip bars...  oh yeah you might want to read that again... salted caramel chocolate chip bars.  These are from Two Peas And Their Pod...

Best part about making her goodies...you get to taste test them to make sure they are perfection!  You're welcome.   Recipe here

 Rather get your favorite chocoholic a lux chocolate instead?  Well we introduce you to the grand dame of salted chocolates, Valerie Confections.  Her salt and pepper dark chocolate boxes will have anyone squealing in delight...then hiding in closets so no ones steals her chocolates.

Hey dads?   Husbands??   This card will have your lady tryin to make a new bunny as soon as she reads it...yes...this is a good thing!

What super mom doesn't LOVE and amazing candle?  Better yet and amazing candle by the bath?
You can not go wrong..ever..with Jo Malone.  This Grapefruit is one of the best smelling candles on earth.  Its not at all what you expect.  Its perfection!

Thank you Jo Malone for making our houses smell divine!

 Loving these sweet and lemon-limey citrus gold drop earrings from a store we should own really,  Anthropologie.

These would be perfect with any outfit for yo mama...

So whether you send a card, flowers, bake a treat or give a present...just simply saying "I love you mom, Thank you for all you do and have always done" will be the gift she will cherish forever and ever...

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there...thank you...we heart you!  

From Etsy ...of course

xoxo things we heart

Friday, May 4, 2012

you're really creating a wedge between us...

So something really really special happened in the 90's...

"but you guys totally don't look old enough to remember the 90's"...."awe thanks!  you are soooooo sweet!"  We BARELY remember the 90's fyi...but one of the things we remember the most (well besides BH 9 and crushed velvet or combats with floral sundresses)  are the high heeled sneakers.

Yup...we may or may not have fallen victim to them.  I mean who remembers?  (we blocked it out).   But with out those ah-maze-ing shoes we would never have the HHS (high heeled sneaker) 2.0

We are insanely, like DIE for, hearting the wedge sneaker.  Bless you designers for your cute marriage of wedge and high top sneaks.

Die die die dying for these yummy fruit stripe gum Weakers (yup we are super smart when it comes to naming trends) from our FBF Marc Jacobs.  Dear gentlemen....our birthdays are both coming AND we wear almost the exact same size SOOOOOOOOOO
P.S Um baby daddies?  we made it SUPER easy for you...just click here to get them for us

Dear Isabel Marant...first your punched the fashion community in the face with your amazing slouch boots, studded jackets, nude cowboy-ish booties and ripped tees...then kicked us in the butt with these AMAZING shoes!!!  We hate you sooo much (in the most loving way of course)

Here is 1 of our many girl crushes wearing the black Isabel Marants...Anne...we heart you and your Weakers

Ok for those of you who love creepers and aren't quite buying the whole wedge deal...we found these cool kicks at the one and only (one of our favorite shops) Asos
Here is a deliciously cute blue and white version from Ash.  These would be rad with white skinnies or skinny army pants...or simply boyfriend cut offs.

Uggghhhh here is our fave of faves, Kate B rocking the crap out of the Isabels... I mean who the F can wear this outfit and get away with it effortlessly?  No one...just her oh and our other Kate...Miss Moss.

3 uber cute and sexy ways to wear this trend....but don't stop there..you can wear them with soo much!
gorgeous Marc Jacobs girls

The first time we saw the OGs from Isabel Marant was in this photo of the cutie bean gorgeousness, Miranda Kerr, that I promptly sent to Miss Me for a drool partner.  How amazing is that outfit!?  and with the shoes??  Done and Done!

Oh Leandra....we heart you.  In fact everytime we dress ourselves or our babies we ask WWMRD (What Would Man Repeller Do)

Loved these Weakers soooo much from Topshop that we ordered a pair in black and are having a really hard time taking them off...
Oh hi crazy rad insanely hardcore bitchfest wedge monkey boot sneakers...how the F are you???  Wow!  And PS  Nasty Gal...we sooooo love you!

Yet another great example of a match made in fashion heaven...thank you Gods of the Schmata...we heart your new baby...Weakers

xoxo things we heart