Friday, May 4, 2012

you're really creating a wedge between us...

So something really really special happened in the 90's...

"but you guys totally don't look old enough to remember the 90's"...."awe thanks!  you are soooooo sweet!"  We BARELY remember the 90's fyi...but one of the things we remember the most (well besides BH 9 and crushed velvet or combats with floral sundresses)  are the high heeled sneakers.

Yup...we may or may not have fallen victim to them.  I mean who remembers?  (we blocked it out).   But with out those ah-maze-ing shoes we would never have the HHS (high heeled sneaker) 2.0

We are insanely, like DIE for, hearting the wedge sneaker.  Bless you designers for your cute marriage of wedge and high top sneaks.

Die die die dying for these yummy fruit stripe gum Weakers (yup we are super smart when it comes to naming trends) from our FBF Marc Jacobs.  Dear gentlemen....our birthdays are both coming AND we wear almost the exact same size SOOOOOOOOOO
P.S Um baby daddies?  we made it SUPER easy for you...just click here to get them for us

Dear Isabel Marant...first your punched the fashion community in the face with your amazing slouch boots, studded jackets, nude cowboy-ish booties and ripped tees...then kicked us in the butt with these AMAZING shoes!!!  We hate you sooo much (in the most loving way of course)

Here is 1 of our many girl crushes wearing the black Isabel Marants...Anne...we heart you and your Weakers

Ok for those of you who love creepers and aren't quite buying the whole wedge deal...we found these cool kicks at the one and only (one of our favorite shops) Asos
Here is a deliciously cute blue and white version from Ash.  These would be rad with white skinnies or skinny army pants...or simply boyfriend cut offs.

Uggghhhh here is our fave of faves, Kate B rocking the crap out of the Isabels... I mean who the F can wear this outfit and get away with it effortlessly?  No one...just her oh and our other Kate...Miss Moss.

3 uber cute and sexy ways to wear this trend....but don't stop can wear them with soo much!
gorgeous Marc Jacobs girls

The first time we saw the OGs from Isabel Marant was in this photo of the cutie bean gorgeousness, Miranda Kerr, that I promptly sent to Miss Me for a drool partner.  How amazing is that outfit!?  and with the shoes??  Done and Done!

Oh Leandra....we heart you.  In fact everytime we dress ourselves or our babies we ask WWMRD (What Would Man Repeller Do)

Loved these Weakers soooo much from Topshop that we ordered a pair in black and are having a really hard time taking them off...
Oh hi crazy rad insanely hardcore bitchfest wedge monkey boot the F are you???  Wow!  And PS  Nasty Gal...we sooooo love you!

Yet another great example of a match made in fashion heaven...thank you Gods of the Schmata...we heart your new baby...Weakers

xoxo things we heart