Friday, May 11, 2012

Thanks mom...we heart you! (last minute moms day're welcome procrastinators)

                      makes us cry every every time.  if you didn't you are a robot

It truly is the bestest, hardest, raddest, funnest, cutest, toughest, sleepiest most smile enducing, heart bursting job in the universe (that's right, we said it...UNIVERSE)

Our moms went through so...SO much for us (we may be angels now but you should have seen us in high school ...and after...sorry moms!) so it makes perfect sense for there to be a day to remind us to remind them how much we love them and are thankful for all they do for us.

Now you are probably asking..."We super love our mamas...but what should we get for them that's different from the usual roses?"   We are so glad you asked!   Here are our fave pics for our fave mamas.

(PS You should never feel pressure to buy anything!   Moms like snuggles, kisses, picnics, sleeping, 50 Shades of Grey...well they DO... cookies, sleep, breaky in bed....see if you are creative its even better)

                                                       Our fave macarons in the cutest box from Bottega Louie

But for those of you who LOVE an excuse to buy something super cute for the ones you on on....

Ok so obvi...every hard working, huge loving, tired mama needs to be pampered and feel as beautiful as she is...what better way then a trip to the one and only Dry Bar!  

Let her walk in with stingy hair and waltz out with bouncy waves or sleek sexy shine.   No one does it better.   Oh and lucky you last minute shopper...they do gift certs!   Done and done!

  Plus they will serve your mama tea, coffee or champers while she is getting gorge...hello!

From our fave FBF (fake boyfriend) Jonathan Adler is the cutest most user friendly paper weight on earth!   How freaking cute is this?!  Mom is going to suddenly become messy just so she has papers to put this on

Ok so there are FOR SURE at least 3 moms (we just happen to be 2 of them) who seriously freak for pale pink peonies!
 This stunningly GORGE arrangement is from my ultimate favorite lux company ever ever ever!  The Alchemist...super hard to explain but once you get it...YOU GET IT!   Nothing comes close to this company... Surprise your lady love, baby mama, or mom with this peony arrangement and she will squeal in delight.

Feel like giving mom some sweets but would rather make her a goodie?   She will be so in heaven with these ridiculously yummy salted caramel chocolate chip bars...  oh yeah you might want to read that again... salted caramel chocolate chip bars.  These are from Two Peas And Their Pod...

Best part about making her get to taste test them to make sure they are perfection!  You're welcome.   Recipe here

 Rather get your favorite chocoholic a lux chocolate instead?  Well we introduce you to the grand dame of salted chocolates, Valerie Confections.  Her salt and pepper dark chocolate boxes will have anyone squealing in delight...then hiding in closets so no ones steals her chocolates.

Hey dads?   Husbands??   This card will have your lady tryin to make a new bunny as soon as she reads it...yes...this is a good thing!

What super mom doesn't LOVE and amazing candle?  Better yet and amazing candle by the bath?
You can not go wrong..ever..with Jo Malone.  This Grapefruit is one of the best smelling candles on earth.  Its not at all what you expect.  Its perfection!

Thank you Jo Malone for making our houses smell divine!

 Loving these sweet and lemon-limey citrus gold drop earrings from a store we should own really,  Anthropologie.

These would be perfect with any outfit for yo mama...

So whether you send a card, flowers, bake a treat or give a present...just simply saying "I love you mom, Thank you for all you do and have always done" will be the gift she will cherish forever and ever...

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there...thank you...we heart you!  

From Etsy ...of course

xoxo things we heart

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