Thursday, October 28, 2010

Decor To Die For: Cake Stands!!! Be still our drooling hearts!

So we are all mucho well aware about the eye catching, lip licking, head spinning beauty of a cake. Layers of sweet buttercream sandwiched between soft light chunks of delectible, moist decadent cake.

OH GOD! Not an easy thing for a pregnant girl to type in the wee hours of the morning! GET ME SOME CAKE!!!!

Hee hee...but we digress (WE! I can't believe the jinxies are both pregs at the same time!!...Oppps sorry! I digress again...) ...cakes are gorgeous on their own, yes, but who wants to shove such a tasty treat into tupperware or serve it in a cake box covered in day old frosting (that is from dipping our fingers in in the box in the middle of the night) ?

Solution??? Cake Stands!!!

The Martha in all of us knows how amazing they look and the recessionista we strive to be has found super rad ones that we would be proud to display on a dining table, kitchen counter, or bed side table..hee hee.

Here are a few of our new faves...but trust us you can find amazing ones all over the place!

Let's start with the reason for the post.

My grandma bought us an unbelievable babka from Bea's Bakery and even torn open from the inside out (starving!) it is gorgeous and mouth watering. But stuck in a stinky box?

No thanks!

We need this! Clean, covered, clear and sexy! Adding this to the island...ASAP!

It keeps your sweets out of the mouths of bugs, cats, lazy family members :)

But the rest are A-mazing for serving sweet treats to your loved ones and for special occasions...we swear...they will even make your treats taste better!

Go vintage! Nothing says special delivery like a gorgeous milk glass (vintage or made to look vintage) cake stand!

We are dying for this pink one!!!

And um how fucking cute is this peppermint chocolate layer cake perched upon this gorge green milk glass stand?!?!?!

Get yours here!

Perfect for the holidays!

Wanna put a coconut layer cake high on display in the cutest way?

This blue stand is the one for you!!!

Dear Pottery Barn...we super heart your Emma stand!

Soooo perfect!

And the piece de resistance...we found this perfect tea cake tiered number in a rad store and our hearts skipped a beat or two or three.

Then we saw the price! Lucky for us our mama was right there with us and said "I'll make one for you!".
So we did...we collected vintage cups and plates, a bit of gorilla glue and voila! A simple and inexpensive yet super rad tiered cake stand!

Thanks Mom!

Are you an au natural gal? A barefoot on the beach bride? Good! Now you can make your own plate out of a tree stump! Etsy (of course) has the DIY

So simple, soooo goddess-y.

So what ever cake or treats you like, how ever you eat them, place them on a pretty little stand first...we promise it will make them taste better ;)
But cake platters can be used for soooo many decor dilemmas! Not just storing the delectible deliciousness of a cake.

We have been know to pile them on our kitchen island and counters to hold fruit, flowers, cute salt and pepper shakers, books, candy...what ever cuteness you have laying out!

xoxo things we heart

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yummies: Pickles & Ice Cream

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag....
(Both TWH girls are expecting babies early next year!)

A few things may be clear to you, our devoted readers...

OHHH, that is why they started posting every few days instead of every-single day...

OHHH, that is why they can't stop talking about Candy Corn!!

Yes it is true! We are in the throws of making babies and making babies calls for one thing....

FOOD! And lots of it!

Thank goodness our cravings go more the way of Candy Corn and Cheerios then pickles & ice cream... Because, that is really just gross.

If any of you have been pregnant, you will know that it is really hard.... Really hard to stay away from sweet treats!!

But, we want our babies to be big chubby chubsters... Not the mamas!
When people say, look at those adorable chubby thighs, we want to know they are not talking to ours!

All that being said, while a salad may be nice... Yummy & healthy...

Ice cream is a great way to follow-up that healthy lunch!

We can't deny these little babies anything... So while we are pregnant we are gonna enjoy ourselves! It only happens, once, twice, three or nineteen times depending on who we are talking about.

So if you are like us, enjoy every second of your baby making!
Indulge in stuffing your face when the house is empty! Just take a nice long a walk afterwards.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday: Wait for it...wait for it...our dream come true...LANVIN FOR H&M!!!!!!!

What happens when 2 of your all time favorite (fashion) things make out and have a baby?...

Oooops...sorry to cuss and yell...but come on!!!

King Karl did it for Chanel and now Alber Elbaz has done it for the house of Lanvin!

And better yet...for us normie normalsons...he has done it for H&M!!!!

We have been in utter lustville with Lanvin for a few years...Alber is the king of draping,

sensual femininity, one shoulder amazingness, ruffles and loads of delicious drama!

Um...seriously Alber?? We lust after this yellow amazingness!!!!!!

Hi gorgeous one shoulder 2 tone dress from last year that had every retailer copying are perfect!!!

We have never met one of his glorious, perfect jumpsuits we haven't fell in utter bliss with...

This boy meets sexy girl is a-mazing!!!

And we are the queens of giving good jumpsuit...

Dear Bow JS...please...oh please...please be ours!!!!!!!!!!!

OR strikingly gorgeous and sleek hotness!!!

Ooh lala Natalie hearts Lanvin too! She wears it almost every other red are a few of our faves...

Another Lanvin groupie besides us (well we just stare and drool...she actually gets to wear it) is Maggie G.

I would kill (ok not kill, kill...but do a lot) for this sexy, drapey, perfect asymetrical dress!!!

Remember this head turner? Done and perfectly done!!!

Soooo since this is a post about H&M + Lanvin = Heaven here is a bit o' info...

It will grace us and our closets on Nov 20th or Nov 23rd depending on where you are...and you better believe we will be up uber early that morning to line up!

He is creating 30 pieces and 15 accessories for the ladies and 25 for the boys in his luscious capsule line. We hope it is filled with all he has to offer...

And if these exciting sneak peaks are any indication for the rest of the line we can be sure we will get our hands on tuxedo inspired duds, one shoulder pieces (our TDF faves)

ruffles and gorge mcgorgeous goddess draping!!!!

Until then...we wait...and wait...and dream....

Oh and PS Monsier Elbaz...can you make this sick, ridiculous, amazingly yummy heels for H&M like you did for the runway?

And maybe these too?

Oh wait there are these too :)...just recessionistas need a good cap toe too!

So let the count down begin...29 days to go!!!

xoxo things we heart