Monday, October 18, 2010

Beauty-fuls: Inspect-her gadget! (um, no sickos...Beauty Gadgets!)

Ooooohhhhh how we LIVE for gadgets! Like little boys stuck in big girls bodies.

We used to troll the endless amazingness with dad at the local Hammacher Schlemmer and now we can't get away from perusing the SkyMall catalog every flight...

So what happens when you marry beauty and nerdy mcgerdy gadgets?

Beauty + Nerdy Mcgerdy Gadgets = HEAVEN!

Here are a few of our new faves...

As tomboy as we are we lurve a good mani pedi...and putting some glitter on it? Yes please!

Love the ombre nail look...and topped with fairy dust? TDF!

Now you can DIY it at home with this uber cute pink Conair machine...

Sounds fun!

You know those amazing informercials at night? Duh, of course you else would you own a Snackmaster?
Well we have been loving the airbrush makeup machine they have for flawless, photoshopped looking skin.

Now thanks to Temptu and Sephora you can look like you took a pop star journey through the same photoshop session!

We tried it at the store and it's pretty awesome! Now if only we had a reason to buy it...hmmmm.

We die...roll over and die for SK-ii skin care. Suuuuper duper expensive (ok, not le mer expensive but a lot) skin care products that are every bit as good as they cost.
If you ever see a SK-ii counter...stop in for a test will wish you worked more double shifts!

Now they came out with their own "airbrush" makeup pods that according to a certain someones makeup artist are insanely amazing and give you a totally goddess glowy flawless look.

OK, so there was a time where we were obsessed with getting microdermabrasion to help rid our sun kissed and sun soaked skin of a bit o' damage..
But the ol' pocketbook zipper would always cringe a bit at $25o bucks a pop...

Now you can do it safely at home with this awesome machine!

Saving moolah and making your face flawless? You had us at ...well...all of it!

Hmmm...with all of these rad new gadgets we should probably start a beauty magazine just to get to test them all out for free...anyone? Hello? Anyone? Help with that dream? Bueller?...Bueller?

xoxo things we heart

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TheShoeGirl said...

I'll take one of each. Thank YOU!