Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion: fabulous four eyes!

"Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses..."

Wile that may be one of the oldest pieces of advice you may ever hear, we just don't think it is true!

(Oliver Peoples)

We happen to think that their is nothing as sexy as four eyes!
Well, alright that is super untrue, we can think of a lot of things that are more sexy...

But the right pair of specs can make you look amazingly cool and kissable.

Case in point, the lovable guy who made it "Hip to be square" Buddy Holly... A dude who can rock the thick retro frames is a winner in our hearts.

And of COURSE.... Miss Me's secret boyfriend... Shhh Don't tell Mr. Miss Me...

Ohhh..... thats right, never-mind, he caught on to our infatuation with the coolest four-eyed fella to ever sail across the pond long ago.
Elvis Costello, Thank you for being beyond amazing.

No longer ladies do you have to suffer through the pain of huge, magnifying, amber tinted, coke bottle frames that dominated in the 1970's.
(Dear 70's loved the hair... Ditch the glasses. XOXO)

Did we say we could think of something sexier then a good pair of glasses... Well, that something is Johnny Deep in a good pair of glasses.

Your welcome ladies.. and fellas too for that matter.

The right frame can add to your look in the same way as the perfect pair of shoes.
We love to get dressed up and then throw on our thick dorky frames.

And the best part is... They actually help us see! No more squinting at the movie screen or missing your turn because you couldn't read the street sign!

Here are a few of our favorite frames right now...
Have fun finding a pair that is just right for you!!

You know how they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?
Well, it is true!

When Miss Me saw Miss twh in her amazing Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses turned into reading glasses....

Well, lets just say imitation was the only legal solution.

We also love these crazy color block slightly cat-eye cuties from
L.A Eye Works. So perfect for the color lover in your life.

Truth be told, a bigger sucker for the tortoise /turquoise color combo has never been born.
We just can't get enough!

These Kate Spade frames are the perfect choice.

Mr. Marc Jacobs haas a yummy square frame for all the squares out there.

We are also loving and dying for these heavy black Nerdy McGoo frames from Oliver Peoples!
Weak eyes don't equal something to hide... We heart you and your glasses!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


Ellen said...

Wow, just orded my new glasses yesterday....

Angie said...

Oh Miss Me... Did you know I was working away on a "fashion for your eyes" blog post for my measly not-nearly-as-rad blog... welp, I'm throwing it out the window. You really nailed it. But I do want to throw out there that the Roosevelt Bondi Blue at is in my shopping cart. xox

TheShoeGirl said...

I just got some Norma Kamali tortoise color cat eye glasses that are like ray bans with a cute catty twist. I love them!! :)