Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spooky, yet lovely.....

Never has their been any doubt that the TWH gals love a good apothecary jar.
Our houses are littered in them, in our living-rooms, in our kitchens in the bathroom.

Anywhere something pretty is needed, why not make that something pretty an apothecary jar.
Year round we fill them with whatever strikes our fancy. But, if you are a regular reader then you also know that come holiday time... We let out our inner beasts A.K.A the little Martha Stewarts that live inside of us.

To put it another way, we are not afraid of a little holiday cheer and some thematic decorating!

So yes, right now Miss Me's apothecary jars are full off candy corn and autumn leaves, not mixed together of course, you wouldn't want to ruin all that yummy candy corn!

These pretty class canisters are the perfect way to show your holiday spirit with out going overboard on the blow-up frankensteins and the messy cotton spiders webs... (P.S. We love those too!) Here are a few of our top picks for grown-up Halloween chic.

We fell in love with these pretty labels from "A Fanciful Twist" go all the way and make your living room look like it could be a classroom at Hogwarts! These jars would also make the perfect gift for your friends, filled with yummy treats from your kitchen.

Looking for something a little more glowy?

These pretty yet erie hurricanes from Elizabeth Embelishments would work year round in your pretty house.
As would these super rad little skull toped apothecary jars complete with vintage inspired labels.

These would be perfect for your fellas music studio do-dads
(I know the husband is impressed with how technical I am)
or even for his toiletries year round... For Halloween keep them by your stove with tea bags and sugar... He can have them when the holiday is over.

But these, these are for you and you alone! No boys allowed unless of course you are a boy who squeals when anything Jonathan Adler is put in front of you.. Then these are for you too.

Love, covet, adore... Don't even care that you can't see what is inside... In this case, it is whats on the outside that counts! And we want these all year, we are just looking for an excuse to buy more... "Woops! It was a holiday sweetie, we needed that!"

We say it all the time, have fun with your decor! Don't take decorating so seriously! And try and buy things that you are always going to love and always going to use. These apothecary jars are perfect.. They let you have fun filling them with silly over-the-top-whatever-you-can-dream-ups.... And then they look just as pretty empty and shining in the sunlight from your window.

It's the simple things that make us happy, it really is.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Bindi Chica said...

Apothecary jars, for real?! This is why I am in love with you guys. Are you sure we're not the same person? I thought I was the only one who knew the amazing secret of 'apothecary jar decor.' This blog is beginning to tell the story of my life (and home)!!