Monday, October 4, 2010

Beauty-fuls: We suuper heart these new products

Ok, ok, one of us is a totally OBSESSED beauty junkie! And the other is so naturally beautiful she doesn't have to ever worry but she super hearts everything beauty anyway. So naturally the beauty hookers are about to share a few of their dirty lil secrets just for their fave readers.
A few of these products aren't the newest shiniest on the market...but they are still newish and for sure deserve to be passed along because they are AMAZING!
***end disclaimer***

OH 1 more thing before we go on...
Each and every one of these was purchased and tested by you know they are worth it

OK, now on to the goods...finally!

Dear Make up Forever HD Concealer,
yes we know we have already written to you about how much we f'n heart a matter of fact it was a whole year ago!

but then we lost our way and bought a super expensive shmancy concealer to see if it could replace you and ya know what? it isn't half the product you are!
Thank you for your amazing coverage and perfect texture and color spectrum. We HEART YOU!

So ever notice that your skin just isn't what it used to be? Don't feel like going the Retin-A route or asking your $$$ derm for a prescription?
Have no fear Peter Thomas Roth to the rescue!
His glycolic pads are amazing!!!!

They totally exfoliate your skin to reveal clearer tighter pores, brighter skin, less fine lines, and way smoother texture....perfection!!!!!!

Now that your skin is clearer and has less dead skin build up from PTR pads, Clinique has your next BFF. We have no words for how wondermous their new "laser in a bottle" is.

Zero words....OK maybe a few but they are all super good.
Repairwear Laser Focus is seriously our most fave serum we have ever put on our skin! Filled with good stuffs in 4 weeks flat you will have less wrinkles, less lines and waaay better skin. Bye Bye sun damage!!!

So you know how much we heart makeup primers right? Oh no? Ok no worries go here and find out...
But Stila has a new one that we introduced into our arrsenal.

Their new One Step Correct helix colored primer is perfect! Super light and non slippery and filled with 3 skin tone correcting colors. It helps take away redness, sallowness (dull and yellow), and purples...

Tired of those hair powders that we all lurve to use (to make a blowout last longer or take away greasiness) but sometimes they can be a bit too powdery? Well Oscar Blandi has the fix for you.

His newest Pronto"dry shampoo" is totally invisible but totally effective too! It adds volume while soaking up grease and dirt...
It's a must!

See?!?! Even though we post every other day now (and are twitterholics) we can still be your BFFs! You're welcome! We heart you!

xoxo things we heart

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