Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decor (to die for) The man we heart, yes, we're talking about you Jonathan Adler.

(Jonathan Adler at his Bar Mitzvah)

Oh, sweet, funny, adorable little man, or should I say you "J'adorable" little man? In any case I think you all know who I mean.... Mr. Jonathan Adler.... The who's who in the world of design, and all things dreamy. 

This is a man who can take something as kitchy and seemingly ridiculous as an giant giraffe lamp, and make it delightfully chic and swoon worthy. 
Not a lot of people have the talent or the chutzpah to do something like that! 

And his menagerie doesn't stop with the stunning giraffe, oh no, Mr. Adler has a world of fabulous ceramic pets for you to bring home.... Now, if only we could afford them all. Let me see here now, one birthday a year for 30 more years... and,  yep in just about 30 to 40 years all of these  delightful critters could be mine! Woopsie! I meant yours, of course! 

Jonathan doesn't just do animals though, his clever and cheeky style is put to use in many forms, to beautify your entire home. What do you say about setting some of these apothecary jars on your mantle? You know what I say about it? Done & done! (Thank you Ms. Things we heart) I can't think of another circumstance when the words, Hate or Anger could make me so deliriously happy! 

Pillows! Oh joy! JONATHAN ADLER pillows! Oh friends, how did you ever guess what I wanted for Christmas this year?!? I mean, Jonathan Adler also has a to-die-for collection of throw pillows. These pillows would make a wonderful gift for anyone dear to your heart, and since he has so many options, you can find one for everyone! 

Pick up a Hugs pillow for grandma, and a Drugs pillow for your crazy uncle! See one-stop shopping at Jonathan Adler

I also have to say, aside from the super fun, tongue-in-cheek decor that J.A is known for, he also has some quietly beautiful pieces like this jade bird bowl. Really a timeless piece of art. Classic, graceful, delicate......

But for now, lets get back to this.... He made a needle-point YARMULKE people! The man is a genius! Grab one of these for the beastie boy in your life. 

(Jonathan, his husband Simon Doonan, and their dog Liberace) 

So if you haven't yet, please go check out the store, the website, read his Manifesto , live according to his 10 commandments (My husbands favorite is #9) , buy his amazing, inspiring and funny book, Jonathan Adler: My prescription for anti-depressive living.

Because, I don't know about you, but it makes me feel really good to know that someone who is really successful and wonderful at what they do, is still having a lot of fun doing it. 
Jonathan Adler shows us it is alright to have a little fun, don't take yourself to seriously. 
Decorating should be a fun and creative process, don't get bogged down in what "should" be or decide to play it safe.... Every room in your house should have at least one element that makes you smile every time you see it. 

Make your home a happy one. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random hearts: OOh La La Miss Moss...We heart Kate Moss

Some Supermodels (is it one word or two?)  make moles and muscles popular, some make manic panic hair chic, some even bring back Brigitte Bardot and the word Glamazon, but only one has had the power to make a much larger lasting impact.  

We give you the one and only Miss Kate Moss.

That hair, those lips...OMG the teeth!  And most importantly that style...UGGHHHGGH   (eeek we may sound a bit crazy...hee hee ..sowwy)

Who woulda thunk a tiny, cute, alienesque fairy, would become such a driving force in fashion, style, modeling and well just living on the rock and roll edge.  But she still manages to look ridiculously stylish carrying and hanging around with her beautiful daughter. 

Goddess Moss (as we call her here at thw), has graced countless magazine covers coming in at over 300 and so many ads we couldn't keep track and she topped Forbes list for one of the top earning models of all time! 

This all coming from a girl/woman...or giman..(she's really just a girl and woman smooshed together) who stands at least 3 inches shorter then most regular models and whose unconventional beauty has given her the title of The Anti Supermodel.

She single handedly (well maybe Mr. Calvin Klein helped too)
brought back heroin chic and the waif look and caused a stir in fashion houses across the globe.

And to top all of that she designs for one of our fav stores ever, Top Shop.  Really?? Really?!!?  Yup..she's rad.

Oh, and one more thing...(the most important of them all)  ummmm, hello, Johnny Depp!!  

How hot is this picture!!!!!   

P.S. How much does Kate and Johnny's new love, Vanessa Pardis looks alike??  Crazy...or hmm... just sayin :)

So you say what about all of the sex ,drugs and rock 'n roll???   So what!  She's a Supermodel.. not a role model (We hope).


And now a few of our fav pics and style moments... please don't cry out of jealousy ...(we are...sniff, sniff)

this was the same night...vintage dress with a rip? Voila... a bow side mini gown!!

Still think she is nothing more than just a pretty face?  Let's take a look at just a few of the trends she started or brought back...

and low

short shorts

shorts and tights

OMG... we are actually breathing funny... OK, breathe... breathe... in and out...AHHHHH she's just sooo amazing.. right?

Thank you, Oh you Icon of style and fashion...

xoxo t.w.h.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yummies: Bellissimo Portobello!

It is totally that time of year again, the time for super fun pool parties and B.B.Q's!
So, we have been thinking about, and craving and then thinking about again and then craving some more portobello mushroom burgers! Because yum, yum and yum again, what a great meat free way to celebrate summer! So easy to B.Y.O.P (bring your own portobello)  to a friends party and be the no hassle veggie lover friend and not the, "Jeesh, I guess I will just eat some potato salad and lettuce, because all you have is meat at your party." kind of friend! 

How amazing is this little stack of mini mushroom burgers? 
So cute, so delicious, so perfect for a cocktail party. 
Want to make some for your next shin-dig? Check out the how-to here

Known as the "vegetarian meat" portobello mushrooms have a high amounts of Vitamin B & potassium, plus they are low in calories! (That is, until I smother them in cheese!) 
Besides the health benefits, they taste great and are super easy peasy! 
Despite being easy to grill and cook, they seem really fancy pants and gourmet, so it is simple to impress your friends at dinner parties. 

Try whipping up some of these scrumptious stuffed portobellos for your guests. 
Chock full of yummy spinich, sundried tomatoes, bread crumbs, tomato, garlic and parmesan (see what I mean about the cheese?). 
Serve these with a baby greens salad and a nice white wine and presto, instant hostess with the most-ess status achieved! 

Another favorite of the T-W-H girls is mushroom risotto, Miss Me and Ms. Things we heart have been known to try and order this as a "side" to share with each-other  in addition to our main meal... But we found out pretty quickly that was a no bueno idea, this stuff is pretty heavy and quite filling, so make this your main course! Our black tights-boots-flowy top- uniform can only hide so much! 
Besides we can always split that chocolate cake for desert! 

Enjoy the summer eats readers! 

P.S. - Just because my crazy brain works in such a way, that whenever the word summer comes to mind, this song runs through my head for the rest of the day... I will let you enjoy it with me! 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Lights, Camera... Action! We heart HD Makeup!

Flat screen- Check!
HD cable- Check!
Watching Animal Planet or Sex and the City in Hi Def- Heck ya! (Wow those SNC gals look amazing...even in Hi-Def)  Check!
Best friend with an HD Flip Mino- Check!  
Ready for our close up-  um...NO! Check? NO...wait!!!

For anyone that has been shot with HD or watches HD you may notice how EVERYTHING is more noticeable...  You have a small fine line?  Well that's OK, just have the make up artist put a touch of Eclat on it... Yeah.. not in HD people.  That fine line is now a huge valley in the wrinkle kingdom.  

HD makeup to the rescue! 

Thank you, oh beauty Gods,  for creating HD makeup.  Its fine milling is similar to mineral makeup but big difference are the light reflectors that create a flawless finish and they can help to make your skin look younger or like a Jill Greenberg photo (well, the skin at least..and you'll be laughing not crying)...
And, ummm YES please!  

So here at T.W.H. we like to test as much as possible so we can properly report back to you on our findings (soooo scientific of us, I know)... Here is how I came to find HD makeup..

I must admit I got on the mineral bandwagon.  It was after seeing my stunning T.W.H. partner, Miss Me, wearing it at my birthday last year.  I just about died..  She looked FLAWLESS.

So, of course I asked what was up (mind you, she is flawless and stunning even when she wakes up!!!  But this birthday night she was even more glowy and  her skin was more perfect than usual that caught my attention.  I must find out... I need her skin!

I went (ran) to Sephora and bought (into) the kit.  $60 later, yes, I had the glow, but and hour after i was greasy and shiny and my face felt like it had concrete on it.  So, I took another route. I wanted something to make my skin look more Miss Me, Leighton Meester perfectionesque but with out the heavy oily feeling.

So I found the next few items that have really changed the way i look at HD make up for better or for worse...

1. Smashbox HD Healthy FX Foundation-  

Ding, ding, ding!  We have a winner!  This foundation is great!  Over primer (theirs or any other good one)  this one did the HD trick.  Lightweight, totally blendable and (almost) perfectly airbrushed skin without shimmer or that annoying "glow".  But keep a good powder on hand.. if you have oily skin you will need it.  

Plus its made with Vitamin C and has SPF 15 for healthier skin and it's not tested on animals!!! YAY

2. Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder-

Now I absolutely despise their HD foundation.  SO heavy, soooo Brenda Walsh in the '90's.   Sure, I had great looking skin in pictures but it looked like colored spackle up close and in person.   But their HD Microfinish talc free powder is fantastic.  Color free so any skin tone can use it and it just soaks up oil (ewwww..but it does) and virtually airbrushes imperfections.

3. Christian Dior Capture Totale for all our fancy pants girls (or boys)-

This one does it all!   Well, we hope so for that price.  But it does... it plumps, evens out and perfects  skin.  Its beautiful finish literally creates and HD ready look.  Amazing!  

And with SPF 15 and collagen boosting ingredients we are sooo gonna crack open the wallet for this one.

4. Cargo-

This was the first one I came across.  I think it was the packaging and perfect marketing that lured me it.  I bought the primer (pricey and so little in the tube) and it turned out to be the same primer as a lot of the others.  Nothing new or life changing.  But the Blu-ray blush is great!

P.S.  We are so for natural beauties...we lurve lines and crinkles.
It simply means that you have lived, loved, lost and traveled on the highway of life...  this post was just to help our lovelies that don't embrace wisdom lines as much as we do.. 

P.P.S.  Sorry for the looong post... jeez louise..too much coffee.  But we hope it was informative ;) and helpful and now you don't have to do the research yourself..right? ;0

Now go have fun... play dress up and enjoy being a girl!

xoxo t-w-h

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Bueno time! IF THE SHOE (DOESN'T) FIT......

Hello beautiful readers! Today we give you little note on how to not be a no bueno....

If the shoe is either too big, or to small when you try them on at the store,

they will not fit when you get them home. We know you may be tempted if the shoes are cute and perhaps on sale, but letting your toes curl over the tip of your shoe is just NOT o.k. Also no bueno is having a huge gap between your heel and the heel of the shoe. 
Sorry, but it is true. 
we decline to name the "celebrity" in the first foot picture, on the grounds that the feet themselves are so no bueno it is really, really sad. But it shouldn't be to hard to guess who those suckers belong too. 
The second picture is of Carmen Electra, and while her feet are truly lovely, she is a repeat offender. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bueno is our Color Crave and Vice Versa. We heart Turquoise Rooms! (and doors)

OK, so today we did a bit of what we like to call blog conservation ;) (in honor of earth week)... we combined 2 posts in one...Bueno and Color Crave!!!

On this glorious Saturday, we know you need to get outdoors and love thy self and Mother Earth's bounty so we will keep this short. 

There is something about Spring weather (well here in LA it might as well be Summer) that gets us all giddy for Turquoise..  maybe it reminds us of a Jamaican or Balinese sea ...

maybe its because it is so cheerful and warm...maybe its because its the same color as a Tiffany box (hee hee hee)
or maybe it's just because it's unexpected and beautiful.
This dining room is so delicious.  Bright and girly but still very chic and lust worthy.

Really?? Really??  Mixing red and turq?  Yup!  A major yes please!!!   

And how redic is that hanging lamp?

Ooops ;)  here are a few turq. doors (we are soooo obsessed with these!  if we could just get the T.W.H. men to agree)
Wanna try a wall?  Try Aquarium 6767 from Sherwin Williams.  (have them add a little white to chalk it up so its not sooo intense)  Paint your moulding and doors white and you are R.T.G.!!!

Now get out there and enjoy the Spring..(then paint a wall or four this magnificent shade of blue)

xoxo t-w-h