Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Hearts: We heart you Stella McCartney!

OK, is it just us or is there something really magical and fairy tale like about the life of Stella McCartney?
Born to Sir Paul McCartney (Rock & Roll Royalty) and  Lady Linda Eastman-McCartney a photographer and animal right activist, Stella grew up traveling the world. 
Named after her maternal grandmothers who were both named Stella, she was the second of four children for Paul and Linda. 
To say that her parents had a strong relationship is putting it lightly. Stella got to grow up in a home where her parents deeply appreciated each other and their family and spent tons of time working together and touring in the band Wings. Growing up in the country side in a house full of love, children, art, music and sweet happy animals... Sounds pretty perfect to us! 

Stella made her first jacket at age 12, at 15 she was interning for Christian Lacriox working on his first collection. Can anyone say dream come true? 

In 1995 Stella graduated from Central Saint Martins Collage of Art & Design. For her graduation runway show she got some girlfriends to model for her, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Yasmin Le Bon took to the stage for Ms. McCartney. 
WOW, now we know it would be easy to be all jealous of someone who grew up with all these advantages at her fingertips.... But the truth is you can't hate on Stella McCartney, the girl is F*ing amazing at what she does! She would be just as talented no matter who her parents were. 

In 1997 Stella took the helm at Chloe, as Karl Lagerfeld departed from the postion, he let it be known that he doubted Stella's ability to strengthen the brand. Well as any girl whorth he salt in the late 1990's can tell you, Stella MaCartney for Chloe was what it was all about! I personally had never paid a bit of attention to the brand until Stella brought her special youthful touch. Who didn't want one of her airbrushed T-shirts?! 
To watch footage of her first runway show for Chloe click here

In 2001 Stella McCartney resigned from Chloe to start an eponymous line in a joint venture with Gucci. The fashion lovers of the world applauded this move and have not stopped! Stella McCartney makes some of the most fashion forward and sought after items of each season. She has also branched out into perfume, (both Stella & Stella in Two Peony are favorites of mine!) and a organic, cruelty free skin care line named CARE

Stella McCartney continues to make amazing clothing and accessories that are coveted by fashion lovers all over the world. Another amazing fact about hard-core vegetarian Stella, is that she never uses, fur or leather! (Hooray!) Amazing luxury bags and shoes without a hint of leather... For this alone we heart her! 
Stella is now living in London and is married to a super handsome fella with three beautiful children.

Sadly, Stella's life also mirrors a fairy tale in the fact that she lost her beloved, amazing and inspirational mother too young. And, she got a witch of a step-mother shortly after. But hopefully now, Stella and her family can live happily ever after. 

We heart you Stella McCartney! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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