Monday, April 6, 2009

Beauty-fuls: We heart eye creams!!!! (that work)

UGH!  How hard is it to get a "friend" to tell you what eye cream they use?!?!?!   Why are some girls so darn secretive?!  
Maybe we are just open books, but here are a few wrinkle (yuck!!!!) warriors that we are hearting in a big way....and one that we don't ;)

These are tried and tested by us!  Then we listed them in order of cost (ya know...that darn economy!!!)  
Remember, our beautiful economistas (we made that up too), ordering them online and doing a mini search will usually save you time and money...not too mention gas $$$.  A lot of sites give free shipping or samples ;)

Olay Regenerist Eye Serum- $20

The best of the drugstore beauties.  Reviewed again and again and it always gets great scores. We love this one for its moisturizing benefits and slight light bouncing pigments (for those oh so hungover mornings).

Arcona The Eyes Have It Regenerate PM- $32

OK, just ordered this off of Amazon and we admit we were a bit nervous to try a almost pure and natural product for wrinkles (yuck! that word sucks!!!) 
It says to only use it a couple of times a week but we couldn't resist slathering it on nightly. And guess what?  We really like the results!  Nothing drastic but definitely felt a bit firmer and our dark circles were a tiny bit lighter (or maybe that's because we didn't have a night cap last night).  

Relastin Eye Silk- $69 (the only we haven't tried)

Can't wait to try this one!  For some reason, its not the easiest thing to find unless you order it. But we have heard really great things about this cream. It is filled with Zinc and is supposed to help with all of our eye concerns (puffy, dark and ugghhh... wrinkles).  

Its always on the top eye cream list in Allure mag. (we heart that mag a lot)

Revive Eye Renewal Cream- $110

Me favorito!   Really heart this one... again nothing too crazy but great moisturizing benefits, reduction in fine lines for sure, and you can see firming in that area.  It also is great under makeup if you don't use more than you are supposed too. (we learned this the hard way) 
Yes, it is a bit on the costly side but it does work and lasts for a while.

P.S. They give free samples of this at Kalologie ;)

Kate Sommerville Line Release Cream- $125 (at least if you do order it, you will get free samples from Sephora but sooo not worth the moolah!)

After getting monthly facials at this fast becoming over priced and over hyped spa for a year, (we were part of a program where you had to go monthly and got 20% off)  we were convinced to buy this cream..(they were out of samples).  
We used it every day, twice a day and didn't notice much besides a bit of added moisture and a smaller wallet.

I think this product is just another case of the marketing machine.  Makes me sad because they smell yummy and the packaging looks uber cute on our sinks.

our cute little price guide
(so official)
$- $1- $20
$$- $20- $55
$$$- $66- $115
$$$$- $116- $250  (yeah some a-holes charge that much for creams that prob are not that much better then the cheaper ones... notice we didn't post any except the one with the best marketing, 'cuz its criminal) 

Hopefully these will let us hold off on the "tox" a lil' bit longer ;)

P.S. PLEASE OH PLEASE... if you have a great one you heart give us a holler!

xoxo t-w-h

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Return Of Saturn said...

If I had the answers, I'd definitely share. So far though, the only thing that's helped me in this area is being a bit of a science/medicine nerd. In an attempt to get the real low down, I stumbled upon these ladies: Their site is fantastic, and has saved me a zillion dollars, at least! I heart them. It is so easy to be seduced by fabulous packaging and fancy-sounding molecules, but who really wants to get a PhD in chem? Que boring!
Obviously, no cream is going to work the same way on everyone, but you can at least make a more educated decision based on the ingredients and the claims the company makes.

Unfortunately, I have taken the 'Tox plunge. And there is nothing so satisfying as instant (well, nearly) gratification. Rats!!