Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decor (to die for): I wish they all could be California stores..we heart Early California Antiques!

Fa La La...uh uh..ta di tahhhhhhhhhhhh (that's us singing in the car) ba baba ddaaaahh... SCREEECH!  

Miss Me: What's the matter??? Why did you stop sooooooo my Gosh!!!  What in the world? What's that store?
Things We Heart: Um, Heaven?  
Miss Me: Wait!?  Where are we?  
Things We Heart: I thought we were on Melrose but maybe it's an oasis
Miss Me: We should take a peek..right? 
Things We Heart: Oh yeah...a peek in a store with that uber cool sign...and Holy Moly?!?   Is that Fiestaware??!?!?!    We are sooo in.. this has to be good...

And it was...well not good, but uber ridiculously great! 

As our newly (and much needed) pedicured toes walked in our hearts were a flutter.  We practically floated up and down the lofty 2 story space.  Amazing Spanish and Craftsman chandeliers and light fixtures glistened as we walked about... (ugh  we need to find room to put these in our houses!!!), beautifully crafted furniture and furnishings beckoned us over and made us swoon.

Now,  if you have never seen California pottery and tiles (most people only know about Mexican) then you must!  This store has soo many we felt giddy.  

          (tiles of luxury)
The colors and textures just scream Old Hollywood... the glam kind, the "Well hello Darling... this is our courtyard..yes yes it's Malibu tile..Uh huh darling it does match the fountain" kind.

Here's a great tid bit we learned about the store.. in case you needed more encouragement to go (as if chandeliers, Fiestaware, heavy wood furniture, and unbelievable early vintage California photographs weren't enough for you.)

Early California Antiques is nestled between old old Hollywood and Glam Hollywood in the up and coming East Hollywood Historic Retail District (wow mouthful).
And it may just be responsible for all of the other amazingly cool retailers that will flock there. 
(that's us putting The Secret to work..this store deserves to the an anchor store...that's retail speak...annoying..sorry)

It is owned and operated by Eric Berg. Who until recently was a very successful stylist and costume designer  (so you know the store has to be great...with his passion for design and stylish eye... done and done).  His 10 year old obsession (in the good kind of way)  of early California textiles and furniture has become his reality.  

The focus of his store is California History, pre 1942.  So, to us who are not I.T.K. (in the know) about Cal. history, that includes Spanish Revival (soooo beautiful), Spanish Colonial (Hey!  I think one of our houses is that!!!... and no, we don't have "houses"... we each have 1..we are not that fancy pants), Monterey and Mexicana to name a few.  From art work and photography (of Old Hollywood and So Cal before there were houses...did you know that it was just orange groves and oil wells?...Amazing!!!)  to furniture and decor, this is the GO TO shop for all of your vintage and revival needs.  Or just pick up a few pieces for your home to liven it up and make it look well-traveled ;)

Now if that doesn't get you in to Early California Antiques (gallery and interiors) then maybe this will...

Early California Antiques presents....Lost California Photography Exhibit 


WHO: Eric Berg & California Antiques. Opening April 29th, 2009, showing through to May 31st


WHAT:  "Lost California" is a photography exhibit of rare and never before seen photo’s depicting the development of California from the orange groves and oil wells to Spanish revival and Monterey homes, that the city has become infamous for. 


WHEN:   Opening reception - Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 5pm - 9pm 


WHERE:   Early California Antiques - 4032 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029 tel: 323-463-3763

See yummy readers... beauty, knowledge and culture!  One stop shop (or blog I quess)

xoxo t-w-h

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