Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Hearts: We heart Wolfgang.... Yeah, who knew?

So, as a mom of young kids, we tend to bring home a lot of movies that were near and dear to our hearts when we were tots. As we were watching some of our faves, I noticed this guys name came up on all the gems.... Wolfgang Reitherman. Now, obviously a name like that draws a little attention, so we started to wonder who is this man making all these marvelous movies? 

Well, turns out old Wooly (as he was also known) was one of the "Nine old Men" the inner circle of Disney animators from way back when! 

Born in Germany in 1909 (!) he went on to work in the animation department of some of the most classic Disney tales, including Snow White (1937), Pinocchio (1940), Cinderella (1950), Alice in Wonderland (1951), pretty much every Disney Movie that we all loved. 

(Ummm.. VINTAGE French Cinderella poster? Yes, we know, so amazing! And just think, it could be yours for only 3200 pounds! That is what somewhere around $5000 U.S dollars.)
So not only did he animate some of the best, Wolfgang went on to direct fantastic movies like, The Jungle Book (1967), The Sword and the Stone (1963), Robin Hood (1973) and the Aristocats (1970)! 

Sadly, Wolfgang died in 1985. After working most of his life for Walt Disney studios. People always remember Disney, (and for good reason) but he had a team of talented people helping him build the little animation studio, into the mega-tron-multi-gazillion- dollar-monster,Woops, I mean happiest place on earth, it is today. 

So yes, we do, we proudly and randomly heart Wolfgang Reitherman, because anyone who's work can stand up to the test of time generation after generation, gets a lot of love from us! 

Plus, we just really have huge crushes on Mowgli, so anyone who helped bring us that little cutie is ace's in our book. 

XOXO- Things we heart


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this gave me chills M.D.... i heart mucho!!!

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