Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bueno is our Color Crave and Vice Versa. We heart Turquoise Rooms! (and doors)

OK, so today we did a bit of what we like to call blog conservation ;) (in honor of earth week)... we combined 2 posts in one...Bueno and Color Crave!!!

On this glorious Saturday, we know you need to get outdoors and love thy self and Mother Earth's bounty so we will keep this short. 

There is something about Spring weather (well here in LA it might as well be Summer) that gets us all giddy for Turquoise..  maybe it reminds us of a Jamaican or Balinese sea ...

maybe its because it is so cheerful and warm...maybe its because its the same color as a Tiffany box (hee hee hee)
or maybe it's just because it's unexpected and beautiful.
This dining room is so delicious.  Bright and girly but still very chic and lust worthy.

Really?? Really??  Mixing red and turq?  Yup!  A major yes please!!!   

And how redic is that hanging lamp?

Ooops ;)  here are a few turq. doors (we are soooo obsessed with these!  if we could just get the T.W.H. men to agree)
Wanna try a wall?  Try Aquarium 6767 from Sherwin Williams.  (have them add a little white to chalk it up so its not sooo intense)  Paint your moulding and doors white and you are R.T.G.!!!

Now get out there and enjoy the Spring..(then paint a wall or four this magnificent shade of blue)

xoxo t-w-h

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