Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Hearts: As if it even has to be said....

The time has come kittens...the day we have been waiting for for a year...the thing that has caused Miss Twh and Miss Me's anti vampire men to roll their eyes and work out a little harder.

The time when we make arangements MONTHS in advanced with 8 different groups of girls to go to heaven for 2.5 hours and then again in our dreams.

It's here!!!!!!

Really!! Today!!! (Well last night for the die die die hards who were lucky enough to get a free pass or sneak away).

Excitement and shivers do not even begin to explain our excitement into dreamy, fluttery, Edwardville!!!!!!
The Army is coming!!!! Victoria is here!!!!

Will Bella say yes to Edward? Will she say yes to Jacob? (Geeze Bella! Make up your mind already!)


Team Edward or Jacob?

Decisions, Decisions!

Go see it!!! Take all your girls...get lost in love (and wolves..yum)

xoxo things we heart!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yummies! Birthday Cake!!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to... Cry if I want to...

Oh wait, I'm not crying!

But it IS my birthday and I'll not work if I don't want to, Not work if I don't want to...

Not quite as catchy as the original, but you get the picture.

Since we write these a day ahead.. I am speaking to you from the past. June 28th 2010.
And it is my birthday, so I will close the computer and go eat some cake!

It is yummy.

Love you guys.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beauty-fuls: We heart getting nailed! (Part Deux) The summer brights edition!!!! And...Happy Birthday!!!

Ewwww...woke up this morning and checked out the ol polished paws and noticed...Ahhhh they are in great need of a revamp and a wee bit of moisturizer.

So I waltz in the nail place I heart and ran directly over to the wall of endless polish possiblities...

Hmmm, what to pick...what to pick? It's summer so it has to be fun and lively and look good with a (faux) tan...

Then I remembered....I have my fave go to color that makes me swooon everytime in my purse!
Every time we wear it, people ask what it ladies (and a few cutie bean gents) our secrets of our fave summer polishes are about to be yours!
You're welcome!!

For some reason...our go to polish company is Essie. Not really sure why. We think it's simply because they have the best colors out there from natural to pop neon...
And this Essie color called Pink Parka is no exception! It's a bright shocking (but not too neon pink) We used it last time on our tooties and found every excuse not to wear closed toed shoes cuz we couldn't stop staring at our feet!

Now we know we named this post Summer Brights, cuz those colors look best in the 80 degree sunshiney days, but nothing says chic and classy like a gorge nude color on your fingers and toes.

OPI's Sand In My Suit is a TDF shade of nude...not to beige and not to pink...perfecto!

Here it is on a hand that is close to our skin color and we thinks we are about to pick this up at our fave beauty supply store ASAP!
PS Go to OPI today and you can "try" on any polish! Change the skin tone and nail length to see what looks best on!

Now for our newest obsession...the one that looks amazeballs on every skin tone and sassy on everyone...
Bright orange!!! It's far from 80's flourecent dayglo orange (although we heart that too) but just as shocking and bright!
This one from called Whack is like a tangerine on your tootsies. Soooo flattering and oh so summer chic!

OK...time for our secret color...the one we have to actually make an effort NOT to use every time we paint the paws...

Zoya Charisma! It looks exactly like this ridiculously stunning bright purpley pink stiletto by our boyfriend Christian Louboutin! Sooooooo beautiful!!!!!
We had to show you the shoe for 2 reasons...
1. We want it!!!
2. It really is the color of the polish...cuz if you look below at the color it looks like you would get the wrong idea...
See?!?! Not the same impact ;)
P.S. Zoya is an amazing polish company that was one of the first not to use those crazy harsh chemicals like formaldehyde (um hi...used to preserve dead people!)

Oh! Before we forget...another great polish company that has delish go to bright colors for the blazin days o' summer is China Glaze (horrible name but great colors...forgive them)

How fantastic, right?!???! Stolen from here... know what else looks chic and drips sex (ooh!) ? Gold and a tan...yummers!!!!

Hahahah...OK maybe not THOSE gold nails but these Press On nails on steroids from Dashing Diva are f'n rad!!!!
Press on and voila! Perfect Goldfinger (literally) gold....throw on a tee and tons of rings and you are soooooo hot!!!

So there you have it...a few of our go to secret polishes...try one or all you will kiss us! Just not with tongue this time...we are both a bit under the weather!

xoxo things we heart....




Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Bueno: It will hurt if I swallow.

We always love to be our most dazzling and energetic selves....

But when you got a killer sore throat, you are not that dazzling.

Our doctor said that all we can do it gargle with warm water and salt and wait for it to go away.

But it is Miss Me's birthday tomorrow!

And being sick on your birthday is,

The most No BUENO of all.

Stay healthy!
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bueno: Traveling!

Summer's officially here!!!!!!!
Wooo hooo!
That can only mean 1 thing...well 2 if you count lazy days swimming and laying out (with high spf of course)...TRAVEL TIME!!!!

This summer and a bit o' Fall, your fave ladies of Things We Heart are getting out on the open road and seeing the sights!

Summer is the perfect time for a recessionista chic road trip, a home exchange to an exotic location, or just hop on a jet plane and visit your favorite go to city.

What ever you do...make time to do something you have never done...or go somewhere you have never gone.

Life is about new experiences...there is no time like now to find one.

xoxo things we heart

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion: Put a ring on it... Uh Uh Oh

You know what they say... "If you like it, well, you should have put a ring on it."
But what if you like yourself? Do you still get a ring? We think so!
Here are a few beautiful rings you can put on yourself... Because I also seem to remember some one saying...
"All the women, independent."

And what could be more independent and womanly then the Cartier Panther ring?
Ohhh Yes... And look how good it looks wrapped around Edward, I mean Robert, I mean Edward, nope that is Robert for sure....

Oh wait, it's a panther ring not a cougar ring.. Calm down Miss Me.

You remember how much we love rock and minerals? Well look at this beauty of a ring.

Hey! How did you get in here?

Ok Ringo, we heart you too.

You dirty little diamond you...

In the last year we have developed an unhealthy obsession with Melissa Joy Manning's rings.

We say unhealthy, because we spend countless hours looking at her website and her wares, and still can't decide which one we love the most and need to have.... Can't we have all of them?

We are also in love with this gold dagger ring.

It is so beautiful and so classy, yet at the same time it reminds us of those little plastic swords they use to stab the olives in your martini!

We know this girl... Who loves a ring... OK her initials are G.L.B and
turns out this is her dream engagement ring!

And we could not agree more... It is like her personality was turned into a ring. All bright colors and mathematical angles and radness. We hope she gets it... Even though I know 2 little boys that will miss her terribly when she gets married and leaves home.

We are so in love with this badass stingray ring.

It kind of leaves us speechless.

Don't forget to try ebay for amazing rings as well, they are less expensive and more unique then anything you can find at a store.

Perfect example... This Rhino ring...

Remember ladies... You can always put your own ring on it...
But we still LOVE this song and love the video even more!

We are currently trying to teach the two Jr. Miss Me boys the dance...
Uh Uh OH!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart