Monday, June 14, 2010

Beauty-fuls: You're soooo TANtastical!

So by now (we hope) everyone knows how sickly bad the sun is for our gorge skin...right??? No?!?! OK then you who said no please go here ASAP...You're Welcome! yes...UVA and UVB rays are death (literally) to your skin...but what is a girl to do? We all heart a great goddess glow in our uber cute bathing suits right?!

We feel sooo much better wearing Summers super cute shorts and rompers with a lil tan on our gams...

We lurve these insta- wash off tanners for a few reasons...

1. Instant anyone???!!! These aren't self tanners...
2. No stinky musty skin! Wooo hooo...we can snuggle up to our bunnies and not get the ol' heave ho
3. Cellulite. (eeewwwwwwwwwww) What celulite. Nothing...we mean nothing helps mask the nasty not so cutesy dimples like a golden goddess bronze.
4. There's no commitment or alien orange skin...Si Por Favor!

Ok...Ok...yeah we got 'em right here....just for you...days and weeks of research in the boudoirs of your fave Things We Heart girlies....we give you our top picks for Wash Off Tanners...

** Oh and 1 not to pull your CC out for**

Um...hi...St Tropez? It's us again...your biggest smiliest fans ever! Your self tanning mousse had us at hello and now with your Instant Glow mousse we might just be this close to becoming total S.T. stalkers.
It's suuuper easy to apply and gives you the most gorgeous glow! Watch out JLO!
Just make sure you wash your paws off after applying so they don't get that ala Lindsey Lohan stain...

This next one from FakeBake, Bronzy Babe (that name alone makes us swoon with cuteness!) is the cats meow! And believe you, us when you wear this out for a party or night on the town...the cat's will be meowing...
It gives you a dewy, sun kissed, gorgeous glow and makes your legs look like an ad for well...legs! And the best part? Besides the amazingness? It contains no bad stuff, it's not tested on animals and is packed with moisturizers. Done and dazzlingly DONE!

Now, we looove a good face bronzer and the one from Guerlin is pretty much one of the best out there to take our ghostly skin (see no sun for us) to goddessy glow.
Now they took the beauty of their best selling bronzer and turned it into a body bronzing spray.

And last but soooooooo not least...the one we can't wait to try on our summer gams...the body bronzer that sounds almost too good to be true... Rodial's Skinny Beach. Yessss!!!
It's an SPF 15 sunscreen (yes we agree it should be at least 30..Ozone layer anyone?) that firms, lifts, and tightens skin with veggie collagen, instantly bronzes you and has skin darkening peptides!!! Huh?? Yeah we are confused too but we did research and this seems to be super safe!

And the one not to waste your crazy hard earned moolah on?
We hate...seriously...we hate to hate on this crazy cute and well working company but Benefit?

Um hi... your Jiffy Tan has left us sad and sticky and a wee bit too a Paris Hilton wannabee.

It's summer ladies...enjoy the great outdoors but do it safely. Show off your gorgeous bodies with a lil faux glow.

xoxo things we heart

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