Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Hearts: We LOVE awkward family photos!

Oh man, do we ever love this website called Awkward Family Photos.
A collection of photos that are just so funny, and so random that you can't help but laugh out loud!

Anytime you need a laugh or a giggle, come look at the silliness that lives inside every single family. We aren't laughing at these people we are.... Oh forget it, this shit is funny.

So, this will be a very picture heavy and hopefully giggle inducing post.

You gotta love that this little brother is holding his own... Little do his big brothers know, girls think cats are WAY cooler then guns. Wonder who ended up with more girlfriends.

We can't figure out if this is a family or a law firm with a very uncomfortable mascot.

So, do you think these kids were conceived while their parents watched Larry King or what?
News porn.

Hello luckiest 6 year old in 1988, how excited are you that you have this picture? Jordan Knight is totally feeling you!

Hey Dad, thanks for hanging the guns right over my crib... That was super smart of you.
Thanks for always keeping me as safe as you can.
Love ya.

No honey... Really, I can make this shot work! Bring me the duct tape!

Stylin' for days. I only wish my husband would do this with me.

It is so important for children to have a pet in the family.

And really, this is where the creepy begins....

Fuck yes! I am totally reproducing this shot with my own kids A.S.A.P!

No words.


Like way, way, way to many words! Really? Really? Wow.

Oh Mama, I am right there with you sister, it's not easy.

Finally! We know what happened to all the dead stock of the Precisely Right Home Perm by Ogilvie.
We can stop obsessing over that now.

Mom, you should not be smiling right now... Dad, you should be on the chairlift helping her keep those kids from falling off.

Speaking of falling... Check the lower left of this picture.


See, when you have 6 kids you tend to overlook things.

Chippendales starts recruiting early!



AWKWARD..... and creepy.

The blues.


Are we laughing with him???? I hope not.

Something is really sweet about sons wanting to be just like there dads, except in this case.

Hey Dad, remember when you hung those guns over my crib? Well, I am so glad we could go on to share this moment together as well.

We totally get why this kid has this look on his face.... We have the same one!


Awww family, you gotta love them!
Go ahead and search out your smile today.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


Good Girls Studio said...

I forgot all about that website! Thanks for the laugh this morning...I always keep my guns over the babies crib don't you!?! ;)

Kris said...

Oh my goodness I started dying laughing at my desk! The kid falling out of the swing, never gets old! LOL

kkist said...

oh my! I'm crying...laughing so hard!!!

malika said...

lool this was soo funny ... thanks