Thursday, June 10, 2010

Suit yourself ladies.

Summer is here and it is in full swing ladies! School is out and the weather is heating up... That means it is time for BATHING SUITS!

Well, we have been talking to a few friends about what we would like in a suit this year, and it seems that everything a lady wants... Her fella doesn't!

Chances are when your fella thinks about you in a bikini, he is thinking along these lines...

Ummm, yeah. Hey fellas, just because they make suits like that, doesn't mean we actually want to wear them all the time.

If fact, we may actually enjoy going for a swim in the ocean without our Ta-Tas falling out all over the place with each wave.

Oh, and you know those high waisted retro-style bathing suits your boyfriend hates? Guess what? It is called style and yes, you deserve to have your style even at the beach and by the pool!

SO these are some suits strictly for the ladies... Fellas be damed. You know they are gonna think you look great anyway, a cute little Vargas girl dripping with style!

Suit yourself ladies.

And why not start with this AMAZING J.Crew bikini?

We all have reasons to heart vintage inspired swimwear. Perhaps you are just a retro loving lady, maybe you love the way the high-waisted bottoms cover a little more tummy... Or maybe, just maybe...

You wanna cover that lovely "Tramp Stamp" you got back in the day.
(Wince and blush)

In this suit from Free People, you can spend your days pretending to be adorable surfer girl, Gidget.
We don't think your fella will mind playing Moon Doggie when he gets a look at you.

Looking for the perfect bathing suit to keep it covered and classy, and a little bit old fashioned?

We are super in love with this dreamy garden party bathing suit from Anthropologie.

We also really, really love this black bikini with chain detail from Anthro.


Oh, Anthropologie... WE might as well hand over our wallets to you this summer.

Stay ship-shape with this fantastic striped sailor suit.

My girlfriends have been shooting me emails of suits that they like, and when I got this one I got really excited.

One suit that you can wear any number of ways!
Could your summer vacation packing get any easier?

Wrap, tuck, tie, for as much or as little coverage as you want. With this many options, it almost justifies the price tag!
Thank you, Heidi Merrick!

Geeky gals everywhere rejoice! Nerd lover Mr. Marc Jacobs has done it again with his delicious little one shoulder bathing suit.

Cuteness? CHECK
Coverage? CHECK
Horrible Tan Lines? DOUBLE CHECK... But maybe that will encourage you to sit in the shade like you are supposed to!

Que the Duran Duran music.... Now!

In this snow leopard print one piece from DVF you will be A View To Kill, and make the Wild Boys Hungry Like A Wolf, While you Dance On The Sand and everyone will want to take your picture and make you a Girl On Film.

This lavender suit from Urban also comes in black... And it is pretty much everything we have been looking for and it will break hearts, not break the bank.

Dear Sis, I found your perfect bathing suit!
For all the Giraffe lovers in your life go for this beautiful print bikini from Anthro.

We spend so much time trying to look good for our guys. This summer go for a suit that you love. Confidence looks good on everyone, and string bikinis sadly do not.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


the kiddos said...

Good one, Miss Me. Very, very good.

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good stuff!

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Oh how wonderful collection of sexy fashion. All is well. Nice dresses always make you more beautiful. For this reason choose appropriate products is more important. I am waiting for your next fashion post.

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