Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashion Friday: We heart hippie inspired shoes! We mean Hippie Chic

With the light shed upon us from Monday's HORRIFIC and INSANELY outrageous post about the abuse done to animals for our benefit...

...We decided to look a little deeper at what we are eating and wearing.

In our houses (mostly veggie hearters running around) we have a saying, "Do the bestest you can".
As long as you try and try hard to change your ways, the way you do things for the good of the innocent and the Earth who provides for us, then that's all you can do...and it's AMAZING that you do!

Soooo...with all of that preaching over we of course took it upon our fashion lovin' selves to find rad shoes that don't do a lot of damage.

P.S. A few may do a teeny tiny bit o damage to your wallet...but it's kinda worth it right?

Eco...vegan..and fair trade shoes? Mother Earth kisses you!

P.P.S. These are NOT traditional hippie shoes...

so keep reading Birkenstock haters (we hate them too!)

To the Queen of Green...the Goddess of Eco Fashion...Thank you Stella M for making conscious fashion....FASHION!
These black stilettos with gold architectural heels are TDF! Vegan and sex pot??? Hell yeah!

We found this line when we had pipe dreams about designing a high end vegan shoe line ala McCartney. Olsen Haus shoes are the real deal.
Uber cute and totally eco lovin and vegan? Done and Done and yes yes por favor!!!
Check out their section about shoe making.

Oh hello Miss McCartney! You're back?? Yup! We couldn't pass up these reptile hotnesses.
See Mr don't have to hurt Pythons to make amazing shoes!

Oh how we heart a cute boy in shorts and a pair of Toms...we heart it soooo much!
Now they make a hole line of these faux lace ups for our boys! Woo hoo!
PS...we are sure you knew this...but for every pair of Tom's bought...they give a pair to a child in need!

And NO cute boys are not the only ones who get the cute gals can get these Dorothy-esque, Disco loving gold Tom's!

OK...breathe....1....2.....3....breathe..... BREATHE!!!!!

We are dying for these uber eco, gorgeous, Guatemalan, free trade, artisan made, Vegan booties!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??!?!??!!?
Thank you Osborn Shoes!!!!!

Now...while we are short of breath and wanting to vomit over our love for those booties...we should get these GORGEOUS FUCKING (ooopppsie sorry!! bad Things We Heart girls...naughty!) oxfords from Boxing Kitten.
Hello? BF...we have been suuuuuper good lately! We mean SUPER good...and we heart these recycled tire hand made oxfords soooooo much!!!!!

Both of those amazing Eco radness shoes remind us of this rad sofa we have been coveting!

It belongs in an all white room....yummers!

What do you get when you cross Melissa Plastic Dreams with Vivienne W?
Oh nothing....just these suuuuper cute eco friendly plastic rubber sling back pumps!!!!

Melissa collaborates with a lot of fashion folks for amazing Earth loving shoesies.'s Summer! So throw on your Earth friendly Havaianas and voila...enjoy the great outdoors!!!

And shpeaking of hippie shoes...we super heart these hippie high heel mocassins!!! (say that 5 times fast)

Crap! They are not vegan or recycled... Ughhh...

Another great way to hug your mother earth...GO VINTAGE! Ebay is your friend...sometimes :)

xoxo things we heart

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