Thursday, June 17, 2010

Decor to die for: Photography!!!

So, it all started with this photographer Slim Aarons, he took amazing pictures of (in his own words) "attractive people, doing attractive things, in attractive places."
We just adore his watery photos so very much that we were all set to go get a huge print of one to hang in our livingroom!..... But then we saw how much they cost!

Now look, we are all for supporting the arts and we have been known to pay what may be considered way too much, on art we can not live without.
But, for some reason this just struck us as really crazy, because, the world is full of super amazing and talented photographers. So we present to you..... Amazing and affordable photography! Beacuse you don't have to spend a million dollars to have a house that looks like this.

(Lily Vanderwoodsens' apartment)

O.K, well maybe you do.
But you can make your place look really cool with large scale photography.
Check out some of the cool artists we found on Etsy.

This beautiful little dandelion puff is just perfect for wishing on. It sort of has the same color feeling as some of the Slim Aarons' photos. We think it would look quite lovely hanging over your bed, sending you off to have sweet, soft little dreams.
This photo is by Every-day-moments on Etsy. Please click here to shop.

This one by Matthew Hyatt is also very cool, kind of modern and fun. Girlie but exciting at the same time. It would look amazing in a little girls room or in a sleek and chic single gals apartment, hanging in the dining room. It kind of makes us want to celebrate! You can get yours here.

So, while searching high and low, we came across an artist named J. Garcia. He is really super talented, you can find his work on his Flickr page here.
He has a blog and a website.... I suggest you go check out his photography and try and contact him through his blog of you are interested in purchase. We have gotten in contact with him about getting a giant copy of the red, yellow and green city scene above. We are going to hang it at the tip-top of or stair case, so everyone can see it when they come in the front door. My husband and I really like the gritty city feeling mixed with the super saturated rasta colors. It is going to look amazing, we are so excited!!

Friends, these are just a small, micro-slice of the amazing and affordable art the you can find out there on the web. We urge you to go and find photographs, art, fashion, whatever you can that makes you happy, and support the artist community that needs our encouragement and support. Don't let your budget limit your dreams, grab your camera and head out the door to make your own artistic statement. We promise you will have a lot of fun doing it and you may surprise yourself along the way.
But, that doesn't mean we are not going to dream about you Slim. We will always hold you in a special place in our hearts... See you in our dreams Mr. Aarons.


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Return Of Saturn said...

Super cool post!! I have found so many amazing treasures on Etsy, I don't know why I never thought to look for photos. The dandelion puff is perfect. I could stare at it for hours. I always feel so inspired after looking at great photos. Thanks! =)