Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion Friday: Sunny-licious

Ohhh hooo hooohooo...we lurves us some cute sunglasses..
Nothing elevates and defines a cute outfit like a great pair of sunnies.

We may love them a wee bit too much...cuz most likely between the 2 of us we could open a pretty fantastical sunglass shop.

With that said...we have another teeny weenie problemo. We always see more we heart!

**But we can justify our obsession by reminding ourselves (and significant others) that sunglasses are super important to wear when outdoors during daylight hours.
Not only do they help fend off premature wrinkles by keeping your squinting at bay but good glasses can protect your eyes and skin around them from UVA and UVB cancer rays.**


Here are our new loves...
Oh...PS a few we are coveting and a one pair we just think are super fun!

From a rad Japanese company called Modo...we found these crazy good 70's esque glasses designed for Jason Wu.
Looooove the cat-ish and metal detailing! And the amazing colors they come in? YES! So now the question is...shall we part with $275 for them....hmmmmm

Well...if you are not ready to spend your hard earn cashola on those beauties...then fest your eyeballs and wallet on these!
We super heart the Alexander Wang-ishy cat eye tort glasses from Nasty Gal!
They would look soooooo yummy with your hair in a pony and a slouchy tee. Tres uber je ne sais quoi!!!!

Oh...hello Miss I made it to the big time....yes I am effortlessly chic and fashionable. I can throw on jeans and a cardi and a cute straw hat and look fucking unbelievable!
Opps hee hee....

We sooooo love these Free People sunnies!!! They are everything that was good about the Risky Business Era and the 40's. These remind us of our style goddess Diane Kruger so they must be chic!

We have been coocoo for Grey Ant for years and years and years now...and when the king of the jumpsuit and winged trousers came out with sunglasses, we knew we were in for it....

Yes...these giant glasses are big...but how fucking fantastic are they!? Seriously anyone can wear these and look amazing!

Not ready to hand over that $325 to New High Mart? No problemo!!
We found these Grey Ant-ish fakes at UO.
Not as good quality or lenses but if you are like a lot of people and loose or break glasses these are the bad boys for you!

Dearest Fake Boyfriend Marc Jacobs...can you do no wrong? I mean come on?? You have to have uber chic sunglasses too?!?!?
Come on! What are we supposed to do???? Help us! OK no worries we will make room for these too! LOVE!

And for the pair we heart soooo much it hurts cuz they are totally fun and whimsically fantastic!
There has never been a better tribute to Mickey Mouse than these Jeremy Scott glasses...

You likey? But not money? NG has a great knockoff.

So protect your gorgeous eyes in style...

xoxo things we heart


Catherine D. said...

For the Jeremy Scott glasses there is a cheaper knockoff :

they're 10$ and have different colors.

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