Friday, July 24, 2009

Fashion Friday: Super, uber-style hearting Diane Kruger's Style

What do you get when you mix 20% Kate Hepburn, 20% Diane Keaton,

20% Audrey Hepburn,

20% Princess Buttercup

and the remaining 20% all her own doing?....
Diane Kruger, the German born Model turned Actress/style icon.

There are noooo words to describe the unbelievable, unmatched and utterly chic and stunning style of Diane Kruger.

Beware this is suuuper picture heavy! For 2 reasons...

1. We are at a loss for words for how fantastic she is..she is a true style maven and dare we say guru?

2. Her style speaks for itself and we would much rather look at her than figure out how she pulls it all off sooo perfectly!

OK, we scoured...searched high and low for pics and literally wanted to put EVERY picture of her up here...but alas we have to go to bed (late night last night...not that we are punishing you...but still do you really want to see every pic we heart?????? if so let us know and we are bound to do a part deux) and we are sure you have a busy summer day ahead of you.

So let us inspire you while we inspire ourselves (a lot!).

She knows no trend...and those she does (know) she just may have started.
Like the harem pant trend.

Remember that lil' post we did a few months back? Umm, yeah...she was wearing those before the trend even hit the streets and way before they hit the stores.


The best thing we heart about DK, is her crazy love of anything tuxedo...

We are in suuuch heartville with tuxedos and anything resembling makes us and our crazy selves feel a wee bit cool, if not a teeny bit connected to her.

Yup...we are officially on the crazy train to obsessionville with DK.

"Oh hello! Here I am in yet another amazing tuxedo (did we say how much we heart tuxedos and their inspiration in women's clothes?). Just a black bobby pin and ridiculously hot Ray Ban Clubmasters...yeah that's it....and I look perfect!"

And that braid post we uber heart and still pat ourselves on the back for?

Hee hee...she is like us...she lurves a good braid (or 2) and has been wearing them for a looong while.

Ahhhhhh this perfectly imperfectly matched...crazy amazing...super cool plaid ensemble is TDF!
What we wouldn't give for an once of this cool factor. It's just soooo good.
It's sooo..."I just put this together and then accidentally threw on some beautiful thigh high boots 'cuz I forgot my tights." And the perfectly imperfect beautiful hair?
Done and done!

Hello beautiful lavender Marchesa!
While most are wearing dated gowns, Diane glows in a perfect lavender mini asym dress. I think I just shed a tear...or 2.

Tra-la-la-ta-dee-da...just strolling on a bike on a sunny day with my super cute suuuch a great casual outfit.
Drapey tank..√...denim cutoffs..√...great cardi vest..√...rad dangling earrings..√...ankle moto boots..√

We really can't think of anyone who could carry this outfit off better than Diane (or Kate Moss)...

most who would try, would def look cute but would still look like they were super trying to look cute. But not DK, she pulls it off with ease and the chicness of a French fashion muse.

This yellow feather dress may just be from a photo shoot, but geez louise! Again...perfection in a slightly off color and shape.

Here she is..proving that a delicately covered starlet can still be sexy, not to mention unbelievably stylish and fashion forward. This grey-periwinkle (Remember that word???) embellished dress is sooo sexy...sooo easy but elegant.

We can't figure out how she did this. How do you pair Ray-bans, a floral chiffon knee-length dress with leggings (not tights) and heavy boots and still look delicate, feminine, ridiculously stylish and well...amazing!

We were DYING to find more pix of this next dress...scrambling (hence the last post ;) ) and we came up with nada. Soooo sorry this other guy (hee hee NC) is in it too.

This grey (her fav color?) fantastical, whimsical, hard yet soft, gorgeous, architectual dress is sooo fab it hurts!
Most would freak out about their makeup and hair with this dress. Not DK, she is at ease with a natural up do, light make up and probably just a metal belt from off her denim cutoffs from the day before.

This is how you do a red caret. Amazing metallic mini dress (look at the shoulders!!!!!!!!) and fuchsia stilettos. DONE AND D...D...DONE.

This is what happens when DK gets invited to a party with out notice.
Really? Just gonna tie a scarf around your neck with a simple white sheath and black tights and look gorge??? Yup...really

And last but not of the best...most unbelievably gorgeous, chic, daring, perfect red carpet looks ever...oh and yet another perfect and gorge tux look.

P.S. Miss Moss? Ummm...hi... you have a little (a whole big bunch) of competition.
Not that we heart you any less but Diane has an extreme amount of je ne sais quoi and the perfect mix of 20's, 30's, 40's and the now...and we are obsessed with it!

xoxo t.w.h.

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